Fluorescent light spread


Fluorescent light like any other light source illuminates in all directions from the actual bulbs head and that means that the shape and form of this light is directly correlated to the spread and intensity


T5 vs T8

T5 vs T8 bulbsThere is a lot of speculation about weather T5 or T8 fluorescent lamps are better and why one is more preferable than the other. So in this article I will try to highlight the main differences and similarities for you to make the decision on which light to buy easier.

Efficiency / quality of light

When talking about the efficiency of both lights the T5 ones are definitely superior to T8 lamps. They have greater lumen to watt ratios which means that they output brighter and more powerful light per watt of electricity than the T8 do. The T5 lamp light also is more concentrated and focused in one area because they are smaller in diameter (there are more watts per cubic centimeter in them) so the T5 bulbs are especially good for plants when they are flowering because then they want more intense light. And the fact that the T8 bulb light isn’t that powerful means you need to put the plants closer to the bulbs to give them all the necessary light. But if we speak about the actual quality of light then although the light from T5’s is more brighter and stronger the T8 lamp light have less glare and therefore it is a bit more qualitative for humans but almoust the same for plants.

A little tip: If it is hard to understand the difference in efficiency then here is a little comparison. A 4 lamp HO T5 fixture can replace a regular 400 Watt metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixture, whereas to replace it with T8 fixture you will need a 6 lamp one.

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Fluorescent light type comparison for plant growing

CFL vs T5 cs T8 cs T12 vs PLL vs PLC(1)T5 light can come in various models, shapes and sizes and there are linear, circle, compact, two tube and so on bulbs. All these bulb shapes and sizes can be a big burden for any buyer wanting to choose the right fluorescent light. Each shape has its advantages and disadvantages and they vary in efficiency and usefulness and price so examine all these types before choosing your next fluorescent grow light. In this review lets try to examine each shape and format but also compare them for how well they work for growing plants.

I will also provide some wattage and lumen outputs and the total lumen per watt efficiency rating but know that I took these from some standard bulbs and they may vary from one bulb to other and they should be taken just as a comparison.

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T5 grow light reflectors

t5 half circle reflector

What are T5 reflectors?
A reflector is a device that reflects the bulbs light at one direction. Grow lights reflectors are usually reflecting the light downward! Basically reflectors is any surface that


T5 grow light usage

T5 grow light fixture in greenhouse

T5 fluorescent tube lights range from one bulb fixtures with or without reflectors to 8 bulb 40000 lumen rigs that can grow a lot of plants. All these bulb fixtures are meant for plant growth because they


Why choose t5 grow bulbs?

one t5 bulb with reflector

There are a few different types of grow lights that can be used in indoors grow operations, but one of the best grow light bulbs out there are the T5 grow bulbs, because not only they are more efficient


T5 light color spectrum

Plant light absorbtion spectrum

What exactly is color spectrum ?
A color spectrum is the measurement of wavelength of the light that is produced by a specific light source. Basically none of the artificial light sources can produce