MILLIARD 2 feet 4 bulb T5 grow light review

Milliard 4 feet grow light systemA T5 light can be every gardeners and plant owners best friend because it can emit very bright and powerful light that will help the plants to grow stronger and healthier, but at the same time the light won’t consume that much energy so you won’t have huge electricity bills, only huge plants and a massive yield from them.

This particular Milliard T5 light system is a great example of a lights that will turn you plants life around and will help them grow a lot faster and a lot bigger.

That is mainly because of the power of the light that is emitted by the light. It emits 8000 lumens so each of the systems bulbs will give out 2000 lumen worth of light. But if we look at the wattage, then the whole system consumes only 96 watts total. So each of the bulbs will chew up only 24 watts. These stats make up a great lumen to watt ratio – 83,3 lumens per each watt that is consumed. This is a great ratio to a great grow light!

Milliard 4 feet grow light system  side view

Also the light that is emitted by this light will have color temperature of 6500 Kelvins. That is almost the same color temperature that the sun and its rays have, so your plants will think that whenever the light system is on  a bright sun is shining upon them and they will grow very rapidly, producing an amazing yield in the end.

The voltage that this light uses is standard 120 volts and it is powered with normal grounded power cord. All these features makes this light easy to use and also easy to set up. So you won’t have any problems with finding the right converters or the right outlets to power this Milliard light.

This grow light also contains a Fulham Ballast that is a new technology ballast that not only will be super reflective and therefore will direct almost one hundred percent of the light back to the plants, but it is also one of the reasons that this light has such a low wattage!

When the manufacturers produced this lamp, one of their main concerns was the safety and durability of the system. So they specially made the light so that it has the highest rated quality that makes the light very long lasting and also very safe in variety of different environments.

Milliard 2 feet 4 bulb fixture

Looking at the visual appearance of this light, it has a sleek and white shell with metallic silver interior. This 2 feet grow light system has a convenient rectangular shape that will allow you to place not only one but multiple plants under the light to enjoy the artificial sunshine from the lamp. The light also features silver metallic hanging kit for easier setup and mounting to either the wall or ceiling.

And as for sizing. This light is 24 to 12 to 2.5 inches in its dimensions (60.96 cm x 30.48 cm x 6.35 cm). But the weight of this grow system is only 8 pounds (3.63 kg).


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