DuroLux DL848 T5 grow light

DUrolux T5 grow lightFor more efficient plant growing and bigger yields from these plants a good choice is to use a T5 grow light that will help you plants flourish and be healthier than ever. The T5 grow lights unite what is great at this task it the DL848 Hydroponic light that will help plants grow in each of the grow cycle stages without you needing to spend a ton of money on them.

The manufacturer and distributor for this light is a company that goes by the name DuroPower, Inc. who is one of the leading companies in light fixture and electronic ballast markets. They’r philosophy is to be able to offer the best quality, performance, technical support, delivery and prices to their customers. They have been in the business for 20 years and during this time they have developed and evolved their products so that they match and in many cases surpass the highest quality top brand production. All of their product are rigorously tested and upgraded before shipping to customer so that only their best production reach their customers.

And this time I will review a grow light with the model number DL848. This T5 light fixture consumes 460 watts of power for each hour while it is working but for these watts, and the money they cost, you will get 40,000 lumen output. That amount of light will be more then enough for you to grow plants under this fixture and give them additional light so that they can grow and bloom even stronger and healthier.

The light that shines from these grow lights is 6,500 Kelvins bright white light that will be the perfect light for vegetative plant growth but you can also request 3000 Kelvin bulbs when buying this light which means that you can convert this T5 light into the perfect bloom light. And because there are switches on the unit that control each 2 bulbs separately you can also ask for a mix of 6500K and 3000K bulbs for the ideal full cycle light that will let you lead your plants from seedling all the way to flowering phases. And there is even a dimming feature on the unit to control the brightness of the light and that can come in handy if you need less intense light when you start your seedlings under there..

A great feature about these lights is that they feature a 95% reflective German hammertone reflector that bounce back(reflects) 30 % more light than it would be to other grow lights so you will waste a lot less light and therefore a lot less money.

This 4 feet 8 bulb light is perfect for indoor gardens and grow operations as well as greenhouses and almost every other possible space because it is not only effective but looks very sleek and beautiful. With its silver metallic body, reflectors and interesting shape it will look great even in your grow-room because it doesn’t overpower the space and blends well into the interior. You also have the option to hang it up two different ways thanks to the mounting chain and hooks that are included into the purchase. It weighs 30 % less that any other grow light of this size with its 21 pounds (9.5 kg) and it is 47.5″ long, 24.5″ wide and 4” in height (120.65 cm x 62.23 cm x 10.16 cm) so there should be no trouble attaching it over your plants.


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