Spectralux 901612 Green grow ight bulb

T5 lights and their bulbs are one of the best grow lights out there because they can efficiently help your plants in their grow stages and at the same time not consuming a lot of your electricity. And this SpectraLux 901612 T5 bulb is no exception combining amazing output with great light and small power consumption.

Spectralux 901612

This Spectralux green light bulb will consume only 24 watts per each hour it is lightest. But for those 24 watts the light will emit full 2,000 lumens of light that will be bright, uniform and without any hot spots that have the potential to damage your plant canopy. If we calculate the lummen to watt ratio for this bulb we get an impressive 83.3 lumens per each burned watt and that is an amazing efficiency ratio.

The interesting thing about this particular T5 bulb is that it is called a night light and it illuminates in a green color. Although many don’t advocate the fact the plants can benefit from a green light too. The green light will help regulate the day – night cycle for the plants that in return will set them for more natural life and in the end for bigger yield. And on top of that you also will be able to enter your grow room in the night period without disturbing the plants and their cycle. Even if you let in a sliver of daylight, the green light will overpower it and the plants won’t be disturbed.

You can use these bulbs as a single bulb fixture as one light lamp for a few plants or you can combine it with other colored lights too. The green light will make the light spectrum more full and great so that the light can benefit the herbs even more and do only good for them.

Spectralux 901612 two bulbs

The ideal combination would be if you paired this green bulb with one or maybe two fluorescent grow fixtures, because that would make up the ideal grow setup with a very high efficiency lighting. And the thing to remember is that not all plants need equal color spectrum light and there are a lot of lights that use green light in the photosynthesis process and that is why this T5 grow light bulb can be a great addition to your grow room.

This one bulbs will last you more than 20,000 hours of burning time if it doesn’t receive any unnecessary shocks and the bulb itself features a regular Bi-Pin base.Dimensions of this kind of bulb is 22.1 inches (56.13 cm) in length and 0.8 inches (2.03 cm) in height and width. And the weight of this bulbs is 2.2 ounces or 62 grams but the best part is the price!


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