Hi, My name is Diego!
I am the owner of https://www.t5growlightguide.com and I am proud to present this website to anyone who is looking for an efficient grow light.

I first found T5 lights when searching for the best and cheapest grow lights and in some forums people were discussing that T5 fluorescent tubes are perfect for growing plats because they have great efficiency, low heat and they are cheap and above all they have good PAR rating. After that initial research I tried to find the best and most affordable t5 light but there were no one place to do that so I just researched all the lights one by one till I found the best ones.

After a While my friend asked me for help on finding T5 lights and I was reluctant to help him because I remembered that I had the same problem and I spent countless hours researching all the lights. Then I got an idea that I could create a website that could facilitate all the best T5 grow light reviews and compare these lights. This place would help my friend and countless others like you that are searching for this information.

This is how this Website was created and I am working hard to give you as my reader the best information possible and as much as I can find review all lights from different manufacturers. I hope you will find this T5 Grow Light Guide helpful and will find the light that you were looking for no matter if it is small or big.

Tnx for stopping by!

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