Triangle Bulbs 13W 21 inch T5 bulb

triangle bulbs 13 W T5 grow light bulbBulbs are essential parts of any light or lamp because they are those who enable the lights to work and create those photons that we see as light. The same goes also for T5 lights, because, although they are superior if comparing to, for example, regular metal halide grow lights, they also need good bulbs to reach their full potential.

These Triangle bulbs are great to bring out the full potential of T5 grow light fixtures, because they are not only economical in their energy consumption but they also has efficient light color and are very long lasting.

Each of these bulbs consumes 13 watts of electricity so they are very efficient because of the fact that for these 13 watts their luminous flux, or the measure of useful power emitted by the light, is 860 lumens, which is a very awesome lumen count for such small light. If we calculate the lumen to watt ratio then you get an impressive 66.15 lumens for each watt that these bulbs are consuming.

triangle bulbs 13 W T5 grow light bulb without case

The light emitted by this light is cool white with the color temperature of 4100 Kelvins which resembles the color temperature of moonlight when full moon is shining above our heads. So these lights will be perfect to imitate the nighttime in your plants life cycle to give them more natural and more beneficial growth.

Another great feature for these particular lights is the fact that they have twice as long average lifetime as other similar bulbs. It is estimated that one this kind of light can last up to 20,000 hours, but the reality is that it probably will last you even longer if you won’t give the light any big shocks and will be careful around it.

The length of these T5 bulbs is approximately 21 inches (53.34 cm) which in feet are 1.75 feet long. The width and height of the bulbs are 0.6 inches (1.52 cm). But each of the bulbs weight 1.2 pounds or 0.54 kg.

If you decide on buying these bulbs you will get 6 of them in one pack. And by pairing these up with regular lights in larger fixture you can achieve the best lighting to your plants you can have.


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