Top 4 Feet 4 Bulb T5 fixtures

4 Feet 4 bulb T5 grow lights are one of the most efficient and compact fluorescent light systems that are used for indoor as well as outdoor plant growing. These 4 feet fixtures give off around 20000 lumens and that is enough to grow a bunch of seedlings or at least two huge flowering plants. Here will be the best candidates from the leading manufacturers in this 4 feet 4 bul category:

Sun Blaze 360365 T5 grow light

Sun Blaze 360365 T5 grow lightThis Sun Blaze Very High output T5 light is a great option for anyone who needs an additional light to their individual plants as well as small grow operations not only because the manufacturer of this lamp is one of the leading ones of the industry but also the very high output feature lets this light be effective while consuming less electricity overall.

Speaking of the lumen to watt ratio the light operates on 95 watts while putting out a light that is 7,200 lumens bright which makes up 75 lumen / watt ratio which means that for each watt you get 75 lumens worth of the best grow light possible.

And the light that those lumens make up is in the 6500 Kelvins color temperature, which means that they are in the same color temperature as overcast daylight is. This kind of light is perfect for plants in the vegetative stages of their growth. But 3000 Kelvin bulbs can also be purchased separately so that you can use them when you plans are flowering. This 3000K light is exceptionally good for plants that are in their blooming stages of their growth because the 3000 Kelvin color temperature is soft, white and therefore great for blooming plants.

One of the best characteristics of this lamp is that on the sides of this light there are louvers on each side of it for easier and quicker cooling of the light while on the top there are slots that makes the cooling even faster and more efficient. And all this increases the overall cooling so that you don’t get hot-spots and your plants will not suffer from the heat.

Also the powder coated steel housing of the lamp provides protection to the bulbs and durability to the overall structure but the wire cable hangers that are included let you to hang the lamp horizontally or vertically as well as overhead – which ever best suits your needs.

The shell of the fixture is in a classic white color with a rectangle shape that will look great and professional in your garden, greenhouse or any other grow space. The inside of the light is in a nice metallic grey color that looks clean and will also reflect the light to give as much of it as possible to the plants. The fixture is 50 to 14 to 4 inches (127 cm x 35.56 cm x 10.16 cm) in dimensions and it weighs 16 pounds (7.25 kg).

Grow Crew Black 4 feet 4 bulb light

Grow Crew Black 4 feet 4 bulb lightA high output grow light is an efficient option for cheaper price if you truly want to help your plants be more healthier and in the end get bigger and better yields. This Grow Crew T5 grow light is one of those lights that can do it in style and in a very economical way, because the manufacturer of this light has thought about every little thing about this light from the inside out.

Each of the 4 bulbs of this fixture chews up 54 watts of electricity so in total this fixture will cost you 216 watts of power each hour. For this watt count you will get the light equivelent of 250 watt Metal Halide lamp because the lumen count that is produced by this T5 light is 20,000 lumens.

The bulbs that come with the fixture are in the color temperature of 6500 Kelvins, so because of this color temperature the fixture with these bulbs will be perfect for plants that are still in their growth stages, but if you swap the bulbs with 3000 Kelvin ones then automatically you get a light that is ideal for blooming plants and of course you can combine both Grow and Bloom bulbs to get the optimum light mixture.

The great thing about this fixture is that although in power it rivals grow lights that consume much more watts the heat emission of this light is close to none. So it is a perfect light for those who need a grow lamp that is compact and won’t give out a lot of heat or sound. Also the low heat eliminates the need to purchase powerful ventilation systems to cool your grow space down, letting you save even more money.

In addition this fixture also has an electronic ballast already built in the lamp and it is controlled by separate switches, that lets you optimize the usage of this light letting you turn on two bulbs at the time or use two different bulbs types in the fixture. And the light can also be daisy chained if you need more lighting or if you want to broaden your grow operation.

The lamp itself is elegant with textured dark brown powder coated and rust resistant housing that makes the lamp appear sleek and very light. The reflective aluminium reflectors that are built in together with the bulbs make up of strong metallic inside of the light. This T5 light weighs only 26 pounds (11.79 kg) and its dimensions are 7 to 2.4 to 13.1 inches (17.78cm x 6.09cm x 33.27cm).

Gotham Hydroponics 4 feet 4 bulb light

Gotham Hydroponics 4 feet 4 bulb lightThe designs and specifications for T5 lights are endless but there are some fixtures that are more different and unique than others. One of these more interesting T5 lights is the Gotham Hydroponic grow light because it has a design that rivals futuristic appliance look and power of amazing T5 light.

Each of the four bulbs in this fixture produce 5,000 lumen bright light so put together you will get 20,000 lumens powerful light and that is exceptionally good. This T5 ligt consumes only 216 Watts of power for that lumen output so you will really get the chance to save your money on this fixture. And it also is  the perfect alternative to your old High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide grow light fixture because this one will chew up even less watts and give the same light output.

Color temperature of the bulbs that are included into the purchase are 6500 Kelvins so this light is great at seed propagation as well as promoting plant growth. But if you exchange them with 3000 Kelvin bulbs then this lamp will radiate the perfect light that will promote plant blooming and also increase their yield.

An amazing new technology is installed into this light in the form of German engineered digital electronic ballast that will power your bulbs in the most efficient way and also will let you turn on only two of the four bulbs if necessary. So you have the option to put in two different bulb sets for more all around light that will be suited to your plants in all stages of their growth.

Moreover the fixture also have a highly reflective specular aluminium reflectors installed that will point the light right down to your plants. They also won’t let any light be lost so you will get the best out of the money you pay for running fixture as all light will be directed downward!

This four bulb four feet fixture have an amazing “new-age” and beautiful design because instead of the regular metal carcass this features clear frame that is see through and gives the lamp such a light, airy and ghostly feel that it will look good even in your living room. The lamp weighs 12 pounds (5.44kg) and it is 46.25 inches in length, 10.5 inches in width and only 3.5 inches in height (117.47 cm x 26.67 cm x 8.89 cm).

SunBlaze F54T5-HO 4 feet 4 bulb fixture

Sun Blaze 360365 T5 grow light4 feet 4 lamp grow light fixtures overall are the perfect size for small to medium size grow operations or gardens, but they can also be used for individual plants that need the additional light in the colder months of the year. And this Spectralux T5 light is no exception because not only its size is compact but it is efficient as well as economical.

The light consume around 216 watts of electricity so each individual bulb from this fixture chews up 54 watts and in return for these watts all four bulbs together give out light that is 20,000 lumens bright and that means it has a great lumen to watt ratio for such a small light fixture.

Color temperature of the bulbs that are included into the package is 6500 Kelvins and because that is roughly the same color temperature as overcast daylight this light will be great for plants that are in their vegetative and pre-flowering stages of their growth.You can also  request 3000 Kelvin bulbs that will be better for blooming plants because they will promote bigger yields. But if you feel secure enough in your experience then you can even mix two of each kind of bulbs in your fixture for a balanced full cycle light.

In my opinion the best feature on this light fixture is the louvered lamp housing that will cool the fixture right down and you won’t have to deal with the heating up of your grow space or the light itself for that matter and won’t  have to install extra cooling fans.

In the package when purchasing this lamp you will also get wire cable hangers that are great for hanging the fixture in many ways and you won’t have to think about other hanging systems. And additionally to this feature the fact that this light have the reflectors that are specially designed to reflect and diffuse the light right back to the plants, also only adds to the list of other great characteristics of this SunBlazeT5 light.

The fixture from the looks perspective is not only elegant but very sleek and business like, thanks to the textured charcoal gray powder coated steel housing that also adds a level of stability and durability to the mix. And the wire hangers appear very thin and don’t bother the overall look of the light. The lamp in its dimensions is 50 to 4 to 14 inches (127 cm x 10.16 cm x 35.56 cm) and it weighs 20.4 pounds (9.25kg).

DuroLux DL844s 4 feet 4 bulb light

DuroLux DL844s 4 feet 4 bulb lightThe T5 light fixtures are one of the most efficient and effective fixtures in the grow light market so there is no wonder that they also are in so many different sizes and lumen to watt ratios. One of these T5 lights is this DuroLux lamp that is an all around light with balanced light and efficient output.

The watt input for this particular fixture is 230 watts per hour but the lumen output is 20,000 lumens so after doing some calculations we come down to about 86,9 lumen to watt ratio which means that for each burned watt you will get 86,9 lumens worth of light which is very good and makes this fixture a very powerful but also efficient grow system.

In terms of available bulbs for this T5 light there are two types of them. The most common are the 6500 Kelvin white grow bulbs that will be great for plants in their growing and vegetating stages. But you can also buy all four 3000 Kelvin bulbs to have a bloom light that will be better for plants going in their flowering stages of growth. But if you feel so adventurous you can even purchase two of each kind so that you have full cycle light that is good for all stages of plants life.

This fixture contains fluorescent lamps so they won’t produce as much heat as other kind of grow light would so you won’t need to worry about your grow room getting hot and the heat damaging or any other way harming your plants. But they still manage to produce enough light to be better than many other grow lights in that department.

More features that are great for this light are the 95% reflective German hammertone reflectors that will give back 30% more light to your plants than other reflectors do, a few different hanging options with the included mounting chain and hooks, and an electronic ballast that will power your bulbs and let you turn on only two bulbs at a time.

The frame of the fixture has kind of an U shape for the reflectors to work better as well as that gives the fixture more rounded and put together feel. The carcass itself is in light silver color that reflects the light not only inside of it but outside too letting the daylight bounce off of it and make your grow space brighter. The fixture is 47.5 inches long, 12.5 inches wide and 4 inches (120.65 cm x 31.75 cm x 10.16 cm) height, and thanks to the fact that it weighs only 12 pounds (5.44 kg) it is one of the lightest ones in its class.


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