Why choose t5 grow bulbs?

one t5 bulb with reflectorThere are a few different types of grow lights that can be used in indoors grow operations, but one of the best grow light bulbs out there are the T5 grow bulbs, because not only they are more efficient but you can save quite a lot of money with them above all other great features.

So why exactly they are more energy efficient than other grow lights? They produce more powerful light than conventional bulbs do and they put out far more lumens than regular bulbs. They also have the feature of much better light penetration than other lights have so they are able to provide the plants with much better and qualitative light.

But at the same time they also consume very little electricity because the process how these bulbs work is quite efficient. So these bulbs are energy and therefore money saving option because with them you can save up to 70 % on energy consumption if you match them up with the incandescent lights but you can also get from 20 to 50 percent increase from the regular CFL bulbs because with fluorescent light fixtures the trick is to get them longer as the efficiency increases as the lengths of the bulb also increases.

Another benefit of T5 bulbs is that they also offer much more even light spread. The light diffusion is more superior than other lights have and there is barely any chance that hot spots will originate. These hot-spots have the ability to influence the growth of the plants by either making the growth faster where there is more light or slower where the light is less intense. These hot and Cold regions can make the caring for the garden more difficult. So with these T5 bulbs growers don’t have to worry about these problems. T5 light have this amazing ability because they produce light throughout the bulbs length not only in the middle because the coating that is the main light producer is all over the inside of the bulb.

T5 bulbs are available in a few color temperatures, but the most popular are probably the 6400K (for some lights it is 6500K, but it is basically the same as the 6400K ones) and 3000K bulbs. Where is the difference? If 6400K (6500K) ones are better suited for growing plants when they are in their vegetative stage of growth because they have roughly the same color temperature as our natural light source – sun in the middle of day in the summer, then the 3000K ones are best for plants when they are flowering or in other words blooming.

But probably the best feature about T5 bulbs is the fact that they generate very little heat. You don’t have to be afraid of burning your plants and you can put them just a couple of inches below these bulbs and they won’t cause any kind of damage, in fact that will just increase the light efficiency and your plants will get more intense light. And because of this low heat emission you will have to deal with less heat so you won’t need to buy powerful ventilation systems that could discharge the excess heat.

And last but definitely not the least great advantage of these T5 bulbs over any other grow light bulb is that they have very long lifespan. Some of these lamps last up to even 10’000 hours and as the technology becomes better and better these lamps also become better at reducing the affect they have caused by turning them on and off so many times because that is one of the most common reasons why the lifespan of bulbs is decreasing.

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