Why pre-made T5 grow light fixtures are better than homemade or daisy chained light sets?

4 light t5 grow fixtureNowadays you can buy all different kind of grow lighting. And you have the options to either buy single bulbs and then assemble or daisy chain them together yourself or buy pre made T5 light fixtures which are not only more convenient but also superior to single bulbs.

If you buy pre made grow light fixtures you have the guarantee that it already has all the best and most effective parts put together like the best reflectors, the best housing and so on. So with the pre made fixtures you will have much higher build quality than if you put bulbs together yourself as the fixtures are made and tested by professionals.

Along with the built quality the producers have also made sure that the bulbs are placed so that they offer the growers the best possible light spread and therefore the best and highest possible light intensity. And if you look closely you would see that the bulbs are placed parallel to one another too. This parallel placement gives you ideal light coating to make sure all your plants get the same amount of necessary light.

As I mentioned before, these pre made T5 grow light fixtures have also the best possible reflectors. They provide that the light is reflected back directly down to the plants, that helps the plants growth, because they get up to even 3 times more and intense light to use and to grow bigger and stronger with better yields.

A lot of these fixtures have already built-in louvres to help with the ventilation. They make sure that the bulbs and the whole lamp don’t overheat and let the small amount of heat, that these T5 light fixtures are producing, spread around the whole room not accumulate around the light bulbs.

Because the fixtures are already pre made the manufacturers have also made sure that they are very easy to hang up. They come with either wire or cord clips and strings so all you need to do is just mount them to your sealing of walls. Which option better suits to your garden needs and possibilities.

If you chose the 6 or 8 bulb light fixtures they come with a great feature to turn only 3 bulbs for the 6 bulb lamp and only 4 bulbs for the 8 bulb lamp on or off. With this switch option you can adjust your lamps to your garden and even switch out 3 (6 bulb lamp) or 4 (8 bulb lamp) bulbs to different color temperature that way providing your garden with different variety of light and making it better and more productive.

And the bulb or ballast change is made very easy too. So with the T5 grow light fixtures you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to change the ballast or hanging clips if they break and there aren’t any complicated mechanisms to switch or replace bulbs either.

With these fixtures you have the feature to daisy chain or plug a few of these fixtures together to get bigger lighting system and expand your garden. And you won’t even have to deal with huge amount of wires because these fixtures are made to plug together with only one or two wires.

I should also mention the negative aspects to self made light fixtures or daisy-chained single bulbs, because that can also show you how much better the ready-made fixtures are.

The self made ones not only cost much more because they are made to use and therefore buy separately, you would also have to invest much more effort and work to make them work right together and to make them half as good and effective as the real T5 light fixtures are. An you still wouldn’t be able to get as even of a light spread and as intense light as pre-made T5 grow light fixtures have.



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