T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Stand

fluorescent grow light stand

The Fluorescent Grow Light Stand is an adjustable stand for T5 Fluorescent Lights that are from 2 feet (60.96 cm) up to 18 feet (548.64 cm) in length. This Stand is the perfect thing for those plant owners who don’t want to or can’t attach the light fixtures to their ceiling or walls but still want provide their plants with better light to let them grow or bloom greater.

This Light Stand is manufactured by a company called SunBlaster Lighting, Inc. They have  been manufacturing their lights for over a decade and therefore have become not only exceptionally good at it, but also very popular, because their product are of amazing quality and high efficiency and output rates.

The feature that is probably the best out of all to this stand is that you can set it at many various height from 1 (30.48 cm) to 18 (548.64 cm) feet by itself and up to even 30 (914.4 cm) feet with extensions for very high plants. That allows you to set up your lights as far or as close to the plant canopy as you like or need, to get the best and most efficient results.

sunblaster stand leg

As I mentioned before, you can insert individual lights of various lengths in this stand starting with as small as 2 feet (60.96 cm) light, then 3 (91.44 cm), 4 feet (121.92 cm), 12 (365.76 cm) and 18 (548.64 cm) feet lights. The lights that the most suitable for this stand, because it is a SunBlaster stand are the SunBlaser lights. You of course can try and put different lights in it, but I recommend sticking with SunBlaster ones.

Also another great technology that this stand offers is that it allows  to join  up to 7 T5 lights together in just one stand with the spreader bar. This will let you to expand your garden of plant collection and provide them all with great light.

fluorescent grow light stand universal

And if you purchase this stand you also get a free SunBlaster Double Thick plastic plant tray that makes the process of arranging and storing the plants under the stand a lot easier and more efficient.

This universal T5 light stand is the perfect option for those who need a way of putting up their lights without damaging their walls or ceiling, because it provides a stable and sturdy light stand option for any place.


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