Grow Crew T5 HO 4 feet 4 bulb review

grow crew 4 feet 4 bulb fixtureGrow Crew Black T5 HO Grow Light Fixture is the ideal not too large not too small Grow Light lamp for any plant grower, because it not only is small in its energy consumption, but is high in its power and produce bright, intensive light.

This T5 Grow Light is produced by a family oriented company called  Growers House, who manufactures and distributes hydroponics supplies and supplies for indoors gardening through their location as well as online stores all over the world. They provide not only the top products, but the top prices for the best purchases.

Each of the 4 bulbs that goes into the light chews up 54 watts of electricity so that is 215 watts in total for one T5 light fixture that isn’t much at all considered that it produces 20,000 lumen powerful light, that is about the same amount that a 250 watt metal halide light would produce, but the difference is that this light emits almost any heat so you have the chance to put your plants, that you would put under this light, very close to the lamp if necessary and they won’t get burned or damaged by the heat of the light.

The area this lamp provides with light is 1 x 4 foot (30.48 cm x 121.92 cm) that is enough to put a large plant or few smaller ones under this intense light, that will provide your plants with light that is 6500 Kelvins which means that they will provide that you plants will grow strong and healthy.

grow crew 4 feet 4 bulb switches

Another great feature of this High Output T5 light is that it has built in ventilation so you won’t have to go out and purchase an expensive ventilation system to cool your lamp or grow space.

Other great technological streaks this light have are the Daisy chainable options to be able to link up to three of these lights together to cover larger area with light, a very reflective aluminum reflector that will reflect more than 95 % of the light back onto your plants so that they will get the most possible light, as well as the electronic built in ballast that allows you to switch on only two lamps at the time if necessary so that you can adapt your lights to your plants.

The powder coated steel housing lamp measurements are 47 to 2.4 to 13.1 inches (119.38 cm x 6.096 cm x 33.274 cm) and it weighs 26 pounds (11.79 kg). And in addition to the light itself and the 6500K bulbs you will get a 5 year warranty to ensure that you get the best support to your gardening experience.


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