3 Tier T5 grow light Stand for Light Garden

This is a 3 Tier indoors grow light stand which is perfect for those who want to get the perfect lighting and storage setup for growing different plants from spices to flowers inside their home. It takes up fairly little space but is very effective at the same time giving you the best results possible.

4 tier grow light stand

The stand although called the SunLite Light Garden Stand is in fact manufactured by a company called Gardener’s Supply. They are an innovative form of company, because they aren’t simply people who have made up a firm, but they all are gardeners who want to supply their clients and themselves with the best gardening equipment for the best growing experience. The company was founded in 1983 and now the serve millions of gardens all around the world with the best equipment and lights to make the best harvest or bloom for these gardens.

This grow light provides much brighter light than regular fluorescent tubes do so you will not only be able to get better results but the brand new model of these lights are easily adjustable so that you can regulate the distance the lights are from the plants canopy, because not all plants need the same amount or strength of light to produce the best results.

The light that the T5 lamps emit is a full spectrum light that would be perfect either to jump start many different plant seeds, to provide light for then when they are growing and up to blooming time of the plants. And the light is good enough for difficult plants such as orchids and hibiscus who need extra care.

The whole stand consists of three shelves placed on top of the other. Each story of the stand holds 2 T5 bulbs for maximum light support for the plants. And the bulbs are included in the purchase.

Each of the fixture uses up just 104 watts of electricity which is pretty low for such powerful and big lights. And the bulbs last up to 10,000 burning hours which means that you surely can go a whole season without buying new bulbs and replacing the old ones.

The space that the stand provides is 18 square feet (1.67 m2) per each level, which means that you will be able to grow your plants in space that is in total of 54 square feet (5.01 m2). And the trays to put your plants on are included into the purchase, and moreover they are watertight so there won’t be any leaks.

The measurements of the stand are 68.5 inches (174 cm) in height and 52.8 inches (134 cm) in width. So it won’t take up a lot of space in your patio, living room, kitchen or anywhere else you decide to place it. And each of the light fixtures weights only 6 pounds (2.72 kg).

And lastly the stand itself looks sleek and good even in your living room. The powder – coated aluminum frame provides that industrial and aesthetic look to the shelves that goes together with almost any environment. And the stand comes with wheels attached to the bottom too for easy transfer from one place to another.


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