Sun Blaze HO 2 feet 4 lamp T5 fixture review

sunblaze 2 feet 4 bulb t5 fixtureSun Blaze T5 HO 24 – 2 feet 4 lamp light t5 fixture is great lighting option for smaller indoors grow operations that lets you grow big and healthy plants without breaking the bank and having to pay huge electricity bills.

These Sun Blaze brand lights are manufactured by Sunlight Supply, Inc, who have become the largest gardening supply and grow light producers in the USA and have 18 years of experience in creating the best T5 lighting for indoors growing that is not only intense but also very energy efficient.

The wattage of these lights is 96 watts but for these watts you will get lumen output up to 8000 lumens, which is considered very high. So after doing some calculations we get 83.3 lumen to watt ratio and that means that you will get very powerful lighting and small energy consumption, so in the long term you will save quite a lot of money and the coast of these lights will quickly pay off.

Some of the great features of this Sun Blaze T5 HO grow light fixture include low heat emission and even light spread through all the bulbs.

And you ask Why this is so important?

  • Well the fact that they give out very little heat firstly lets you put your plants just a couple of inches below these lights and they won’t cause any heat related damage to them for example you won’t get heat burns that can result in irreversible damage to your plants.

  • Secondly, your grow room will also be much cooler than if you used different grow lights.

  • Thirdly you will get an even light distribution from the long t5 tubes and the built in reflectors will concentrate all the light downward facing your growing area.

So if you think about that you will realise that you won’t have to buy big ventilation systems for your grow room and that will also let you save your money. And the best part of this light is that it even comes with small louvers on the sides for even better ventilation and even smaller chance for your lamps to overheat. The ventilation holes let your growing fixture to cool off and that means longer life for your 2 feet t5 grow lights as they work better in cooler conditions.

But the even light spread means that the light diffusion is very good and there is very little chance of having hot spots where the plants get more intense light and therefore grow bigger than others and your garden isn’t uniform anymore.

If you buy these lights you will automatically get four bulbs to go with these lamps and the color temperature of those will be 6500K. Because that is the optimum growing Kelvin temperature, these t5 bulbs will be best for growing plants when they are in their vegetative stage. But you can also purchase bulbs with color temperature of 3000K and these will be better suited for growing plants when they are in the flowering stage of their growth.

This lamp is pretty low profile so it isn’t that big – it is 26.75 inches long, 14.2 inches wide and 3.9 inches high (67.95 cm x 36.1 cm x 9.91 cm). And it weigh just 11.25 lbs (5.1 kg) even though it’s housing is made of durable, white powder coated steel.

You can also easily mount it to your grow room ceiling or walls as you wish because it provides you with three hanging options vertical , overhead and horizontal. And you will get the cable hangers that are needed to hang them up with your purchase.

If you don’t want to buy bigger lights you also have the daisy chain feature so you can plug in several of these light fixtures together and run them all from single electricity source.

Overall this SunBlaze light is good for smaller grows as it is less than 30 inches (70 cm) long and will fit on smaller spaces while still giving you the ability to save energy and using all the other advantages of t5 fluorescent lights.

This particular 4 bulb t5 light also come with 5 year warranty on ballast components and in eco-friendly packaging so you will not only use less electricity but save some trees from being cut down.


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