Hydrofarm FLP24 2 feet 4 bulb T5 light review

hydrofarm 2 feet 4 bulb t5 fixtureHydrofarm FLP24 T5 2 feet 4 tube grow light System is made to be the best indoors growing light fixture with features like high performance, high lumen output and high energy efficiency for any growing environment.

These amazing grow lights are manufactured by a company by the same name – Hydrofarm, Inc who is one of the biggest and most experienced grow light producers in the USA with over 35 year length of service.

The biggest advantage of these lights is that because they have T5 grow bulbs they produce very little heat. That gives you two great features that provide you with easier and better growing process.

  • The first is that you can put these lights significantly closer to your plant canopy that you could if you would be growing your garden with different lights. You can put the lamps just a couple of inches above your plants and they won’t get any kind of heat related damage that can cause many problems.

  • The second being the more obvious one – your grow room won’t also heat up as much so it will be easier for you to manage the heat and you won’t need to buy those powerful but expensive ventilation systems to cool down your grow room.

And these bulbs also have very equal and even light spread. That is good because if you put a few plants under these lights they all will get the same amount of light and there won’t form any hot spots where the light is that much intense and therefore more dangerous to your plants. The even spread also promotes even growth and for example all your seedlings will be the save size in all of the other grow conditions are the same.

The lumen output of these lights is 8000 lumens and they take up only 96 watts per hour. So we get lumen to watt ratio 83.3. And that only means that you will save quite a lot money but still will get very powerful and bright lights for the best results.

Color temperature for these bulbs is 6400K that is very similar to the color temperature of our natural light source – the sun when the glowing ball is at the center of the sky in the summer. And because of that the best use of these bulbs will be when your plants are in their vegetative stages of their growth. And you can also plug up to 6 of these lights together for even better results thanks to the daisy-chain feature. This feature also is very convenient if you have only one power outlet as all 6 lamps will be able to work from that one outlet in that chain.

The materials used to make these t5 grow light fixtures are mainly German made specular aluminum and powder coated, textured steel for the housing that provides quality and durability. They are made from durable steel but even so they still are very low profile being only 25.5 inches long, 15 inches wide and 4.5 inches high (64.77 cm x 38.1 cm x 11.43 cm). And thanks to the small weight – only 10 lbs (4.53 kg) you can easily hang them a few different ways with the cable system that comes with the purchase.

And if you buy this light fixture you will also get 5 year warranty on the ballasts and 1 year warranty for the fixture craftsmanship but they are so durable that you probably won’t need to use this warranty.

Even Amazon clients value these lights very approvingly saying:

I have this for seed starting trays and seedlings before they are transplanted outside. I saw an immediate response from all my tomatoes and peppers


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