Sun Blaze HO 2 feet 8 lamp T5 fixture review

sunblaze 2 feet 8 bulb t5 fixtureSun Blaze T5 HO 28 is 2 feet 8 bulb t5 grow light fixture that is great for indoors grow operations and provides you with high lumen output and energy efficient fluorescent lighting and that spreads light evenly through those 8 bulbs and 2 feet length.

Sun Blaze is a brand name for company called Sunlight supply, who specializes in creating best lighting and gardening supplies since 1995 and who have become the leading grow light manufacturer in the world.

These Sun Blaze T5 2 feet 8 bulb grow light fixtures are so good because even though they have very high lumen output – up to 16000 lumens, the wattage for this lumen count is only 192 watts. And if we calculate the lumen to watt ratio we get a number 83.3 lm/ W. That is a very high number and with these lights you are sure to save some money on your electricity.

Another great thing about these lights is that they produce significantly less heat than any other grow lights do. That gives you the ability to hang these lights right on top of your plants (a few inches above) and they still won’t get burnt as heat burns can cause your plants to grow more slowly or to stop growing at all or die.

Amazing feature of this low heat emission is also that your grow room will simply be cooler and you won’t have to introduce it to powerful ventilation systems as they can be very costly and they also use more of your energy causing your electricity bills to grow.

These amazing lights are even louvered to provide cooling and prevent any possible heat buildup and in this way they will increase your t5 bulb life.

Last but definitely not the least of the good features is that the light distribution of these bulbs is very even. So you won’t get so called hot spots where the light intensity is higher therefore your plants get more light and can grow bigger than others. And that surely wouldn’t be good not for your garden or for you because you would have to spend more time taking care of your plants. This even spread is possible because the T5 bulbs glow evenly and distribute light across the surface of the whole bulb.

The materials used to make the housing for these lamps are steel with powder coated finish that definitely ensure durability but also very modern exterior. They also come with built in reflectors that helps with reflecting the light and preventing light and therefore light intensity loses. The reflectors help by reflecting all the light downward increasing the light intensity almost  3 times directly below the fixture.

If you buy these lights they will come with 8 bulbs and their color temperature will be 6500K. So these bulbs will be best for growing your plants when they are in their pre-flower stage of their growth. And with these bulbs you can even clone your plants and start from seed as the light is more of the blue spectrum that young plants like. But of course you can also buy bulbs with 3000K color temperature and then these bulbs will be good for your plants when they are in their flowering stage of their growth. Thanks to two on/off switches you can turn on just four of all eight laps so if you want to be really thrifty you can put in four 6500K and four 3000K bulbs and grow your plants this way.

These lamps weight 17.9 lbs (8.12 kg) and they are 26 inches long, 24.1 inches wide and 4.1 inches high (66.04 cm x 61.214 cm x 10.414 cm). And because of the low profile and  convenient size you can hang them in almost any way you like with the included cable hangers. And thanks to the daisy chain feature you can plug in together a few of these light fixtures and expand your garden from just one outlet.


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