SunBlaster 48 Combo(4 feet 1 bulb with reflector) review

sunblaster 4 feet T5 combo with reflectorThe SunBlaster 48 Combo is almost the same grow light fixture as the regular SunBlaster 48 except it comes with one of the most innovative and high tech reflectors out there – NanoTech T5 Reflector to reflect the light as much as possible and that way let your plants grow bigger and better.

The SunBlaster 48 Combo is a complete grow light kit with all the necessary details and with the previously mentioned NanoTech T5 reflector included into the purchase. It is manufactured by SunBlaster Lighting, Inc. Over a decade they have worked to develop the most energy efficient high lumen output grow lighting and therefore have become one of the best companies at this task offering customers high quality T5 grow light fixtures.

The best thing about this T5 grow light fixture is that it emits very small amount of heat. So it doesn’t create problems to growers with the heat accumulation and lets the plants get maximum light from the bulbs.

But not only that, your grow room won’t also be as hot so you won’t need to install powerful ventilation systems to discharge the excess heat from your indoors grow room. And that lets you save some money too, because these ventilation systems can be quite expensive.

And thanks to the low heat emission you are able to put your plants right under these lights, literally just a couple of inches below them that provides your plants with the largest possible amount of light but also won’t cause any burns to your plants as burns can slow down or even stop the growth.

This one bulb light fixture is designed to have very even light spread. So the light diffusion is very good and no hot spots can originate, where the light is more intense that can cause either faster growth to just some of the plants therefore causing inconvenience to you or too intense light that can kill them.

Because these lights are the high output SunBlaster lamps, they are much higher in quality and provide much bigger lumen output too – up to 4860 lumens. And also the light penetration is much greater than it is for regular grow lights. But these kind of lights still chew up only 54 watts per hour giving you a very good lumen to watt ratio – 90 lm/W. So with these lights you will be able to get intense light but still pay small electricity bills and the investment in these will also pay off very quickly.

The NanoTech Reflector that comes in this kit is created and placed so that it is able to redirect up to 3 times more light back to your plants, who can then use it to give you better yield and grow bigger and this reflector also make the light quality and intensity even better. And another benefit – you won’t need to buy the reflector separately.

The color temperature for the bulbs is 6400K that is basically the same as the color temperature of the sun or natural lighting at the middle of its cycle( summer ). So these light fixtures are made to be used on plants that are in their vegetative or seedling stage of the growth. A lot of people also successfully use these lights when they are cutting their plants and they have also become popular between aquarium owners. The lifespan of the bulbs is up to 10’000 hours and that means a lot of crops with the same bulbs!

And even if you switch these lights on and off very frequently it will influence the lifespan of the bulbs just a little but because these are grow lights they most likely be turned on and off only once or twice a day.

The mounting of these lights is also very easy. You can put them overhead as regular ceiling lamps or make them side lighting and mount them either horizontally or vertically to the wall to give light to tall plant too.

These lights are 4 feet (122 cm) long with slick and modern design. And they come with link system to plug several of the fixtures together and make your garden bigger.

If you buy this kit you will get:

  • NanoTech T5 Reflector

  • Newest high tech electronic ballast

  • Light bulb

  • Power cord with roller switch

  • Jumper plug

  • Clips for easy light mounting to your surfaces.


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