Sunblaster 4 feet 1 T5 bulb fixture review

sunblaster 54W 4 feet fixtureSun Blaster T5 HO 48 is a complete grow light kit with metal fixture and t5 grow bulb. It is made to have the highest lumen output for the lowest price and lowest energy consumption.

These T5 lights are produced by a company called Sun Blaser Lighting, who have worked over a decade to develop the best grow lighting for every customers need with the highest quality possible and have long become one of the most innovative and fastest growing grow light manufacturers.

The few great features of these lights are that because they have T5 bulbs they emit very little amount of heat. That can help growers not only with heat accumulation problems but also lets you use the light that comes from these bulbs more effectively.

Your grow room won’t heat up as much as it would if you used different grow lights. That lets you save money on big ventilation systems to discharge the excess heat out of your grow room that can be very expensive.

And you can also put these lights just a couple of inches above your plant canopy to get the most effective light, but your plants will be completely fine and won’t get any heat related damage like burns or heat stress that can slow or even stop their growth.

And you can also stop worrying about getting any kind of hot spots, where the light will be more intense and therefore can cause damage or simply inconvenience to you because their light diffusion is very good and even. This light diffusion is so good because the whole T5 grow bulb emits light evenly and you can put same sized plants below the bulb and get the same growth at the both ends and in the middle.

Thanks to the fact that these High Output Sun Blaser lamps produce much higher quality light that conventional t5 tubes do, the energy that is put into the area that these lights are illuminating is much greater – 4860 lumens. And thanks to that the light penetration is much better too. And even though this lumen output is so high they still consume only 54 watts of electricity. If you would calculate the lumen to watt ratio you would get 90 lm/ W so you really get very high performance lights with low wattage and your investment in these light will quickly pay off.

These Sun Blaster T5 HO 4 feet t5 grow light simulate natural sunlight so it’s color temperature is 6400K and they are best used on plants when they go in their vegetative or seedling stages of growth. But they can also be used for when cutting your plants and they also have become a favorite to aquarium owners because of their long lifespan – up to 10000 hours.

You can use these lights not only as overhead lighting, but also as side lighting, because you can mount them horizontally to your walls. And you even have the option to mount them vertically to the wall letting you provide side lighting for tall plants.

They have very slick and modern design and they are 4 feet long (122cm).  And you also have the ability to link up to 8 fixtures together with only one power cord that way expanding your grow area.

If you buy this kit you will get the newest electronic ballast, light bulbs, power cord with roller switch, jumper plug and clips to easily mount them to your surfaces.


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