Maxibright 2 feet 4 lamp T5 grow light review

maxBright 2 feet 4 bulbMaxibright T5 Propagation Light is a grow light that can be used for plant growth or aquariums. this light is one of the best in its class because of its low heat output but high lumen output which means that it gives out an insense light.

The manufacturer of these lights is Maxigrow Ltd, who have been manufacturing T5 lights since 1996 and have become one of the leading specialists in their feald. They offer quality products for the right prices, and they also have great customer support. All of their lights have been previously tested by experct to provide their customer with the best lights possible.

This T5 light provides an exceptionaly even light spread through all 4 tubes of the light fixture and all bulbs themselves. That is why this light is great even for a larg grow operations, bigger plants or even aquariums, because it will provide light evenly to the objects that will be under this light and won’t cause hot spots, which can be very damaging especially to a plant.

The light output to power consumed ratio is supreme for this T5 grow light, because it  consumes only 96 watts, but the lumen output is 6600 lumens in total. So you will be able to save energy and pay much less for electricity even if you leave this lamp turned on for 24 hour light cycles.

The fixture itself comes with 4 light bulbs that are 2 feet long and that have the color temperature of 6500 Kelvins which means that they are great for growing and vegetating plants. But you can purchase 2700 Kelvin bulbs seperatley for when you plants are flowering. Or you can even mux and mach by putting in two 6500K and two 2700 K bulbs inside the fixture.

Each of the bulbs have also a seperate light reflector that lets you optimise light crossover and gives you the ultimate light distribution, without any light loses.

The dimensions of this 2 feet 4 tube fixture are 61 inches to 40 inches (154.94cm x 101.6cm) and that is perfect size to get you palnts from their seeds to grown plants with one simple light fixture. Also the case in which the bulbs are have a power switch and attached fittings for an easier mounting to the wall.

All you need to do is hang tha fixture up, plug in the power cable, switch the light on and watch your plants grow or your aquarium benefit from the light.


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