TOP 7 T5 2 feet 4 bulb fixtures

T5 fixtures come in a wide range of configurations from one bulb to 16 bulb fixtures and you can find 2 and 4 feet models but all these different sizes are very confusing to many growers. Because of this we have combined the Top 7 2 feet 4 lamp fixtures that are great for seedling starting as well as growing some larger mature plants or giving supplemental light to your indoor plants.

Standard T5 2 feet 4 Bulb Fixture

Standard T5 2 Foot 4 Bulb FixtureThis T5 lights offer a bright and efficient light without consuming a lot of electricity therefore overwhelming you with expensive bills. It also have features that let this light serve as a vegetative and flowering light with low heat output and great size.

This T5 light fixture chews up 96 watts of energy while one but for that wattage you get a high lumen output light fixture that can provide that your plants grow to their full potential from seed up to flower.

The light bulbs that this light fixture originally have is 6500 Kelvin color temperature bulbs that are perfect for growing plants and plants that are in their vegetative stages of the growth. But there is the option to buy 3000 Kelvin bulbs that are more warm and therefore suitable for flowering plants and that will let you have  big buds and great harvest. And of course if you want you can also put in two 6500K and two 300K bulbs for mixed and balances light that is beneficial to all stages of plants growth.

One of the best features of this light is the versatility in hanging options. You can hang it up horizontally or vertically and the built in hanging wires makes it easy to do and will ensure that the fixture will stay put for a long time.

The fixture itself also is very durable and lightweight so it will be easy to move. It contains an already built in electronic ballast and the reflective aluminium inside coating will reflect the excess lighting that way giving as much light to the plants as possible.  And the light fixture manufacturers have minimized the heat output so that you will be able to put the fixture very close to your plants canopies.

The dimensions of this fixture are  24 inches in length, 14 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height (60.96cm x 35.56cm x 6.35cm). And to expand your garden even more this fixture comes with daisy chaining capabilities so that you can chain a few of these lights together.

DuroLux DL824 2 feet 4 bulb fixture

T5 Grow Light (2ft 4lamps)This grow T5 light has great watt to lumen output ratio making this grow fixture extremely efficient not only in plant growth but also in saving you money for electricity. And also this light have other features that make it a great grow light fixture.

The wattage this light consumes are 96 watts for the whole fixture or 24 watts for each of the 4 bulbs in the fixture. And for that you get an 10,000 lumen  intense light that will benefit you plants in their growing and blooming. So this is a very powerful grow system with low energy consumption.

Speaking of the emitted light this T5 fixture comes with bulbs that have the color temperature of 6500 Kelvins that are great for plants that are vegetating, but your can also purchase bulbs that have the color temperature of 3000 Kelvins, and because that is close to the color temperature of the sun, these bulbs will benefit flowering or budding plants. But of you feel like experimenting you can create your own mix of 6500 Kelvin and 3000 Kelvin bulbs.

In my opinion the best feature of this light are the German hammertone reflectors that are built and paved with special material that will reflect up to 95 % of the light and ensure that no light will go to waste.

Also you can place this light as close to you plants as you want because this fixture doesn’t heat up to a point that the heat can damage your plants. Also because this light is made out of light aluminium it is lightweight but durable and can work indoors as well as outdoors. And as for the hanging options, the included chain and hooks lets you chose 3 different ways of hanging this fixture – horizontally, vertically or overhead, so that you can set up your fixture and plants the way you like.

The package comes with this T5 grow light fixture that is 23.5 inches long, 12.5 inches wide and 5 inches in height (59.69cm x 31.75cm x 12.7cm). And you can daisy chain up to 12 of these fixtures together so expand your lighting set up and your garden.

Hydrofarm FLT24 2 feet 4 bulb fixture

Hydrofarm FLT24 2-ft 4-TubThis Hydrofarm T5 grow light is a great fixture for growing healthy and strong plants because it delivers performance, flexibility and also a high lumen output and is able to operate in any plant growing environment.

This light puts out about 8000 lumen strong light that is great for giving plants additional light and giving the necessary light to let them really grow and flower to their full potential. But in return to these lumens the light consumes only about 96 watts so you will be able to have efficient light while saving money on electricity.

The light fixture comes with 4 bulb with the color temperature of 6400 Kelvins that will be perfect for plants that are seedling up to growing and the start of flowering. But if you truly want to get the full potential from your plants you can purchase separately the 3000 Kelvin bulbs that will allow your plants to flower and bloom gorgeously and productively.

A great trait of this light fixture is the material that it is made out of because that is the feature that mainly gives it all the great characteristics like lightness, durability and efficiency. The outside shell is made out of premium grade specular aluminium but the inside out of reflective aluminum to optimize how much of the light actually goes to the plants.

Also this fixture have the great hanging options and overhead one, a horizontal one and vertical one, that lets you configure the fixture for it to suit your grow operation. And as this is a T5 light then the heat emission of it is fairly small that lets you put the light as close to the plants as you need without burning them.

The dimensions of the fixture itself are 23 to 13.5 to 3 inches in height (58.42cm x 34.29cm x 7.62cm) and in the package there are bulbs and power cord included.

Pioneer IV Jr 2 feet 4 bulb fixture

Pioneer IV Jr 2 FootThis is an amazing T5 grow light fixture to use all year around for plants and flowers to keep them growing and for you to get great harvest or simply great, healthy plants, because this grow light has amazing lumen to watt ratio and other features that makes it the perfect T5 grow light.

This light operates chewing up 96 watts so 24 watts per each of the four bulbs that are in this light. And in return of consuming these 96 watts you get 7,200 lumen strong light which is amazing because the lumen to watt ratio is 75 lumens per each watt consumed.

Other that the intensity of the light the color temperature is 6500 Kelvins that makes this a great light for plants that are in their vegetative stages of the growth but if you exchange the bulbs to 3000 Kelvin ones the you get a light fixture that will help the flowers bloom magnificent and buds produce greater yield.

My favorite feature about this light is that although it is an high intensity light, it still has very low heat emission that ensures that even if this fixture is put very close to plants canopies the heat won’t burn the plants but only benefit them with brighter and more intense light.

Moreover this light lets you save a lot of space because it has a few different settings that allow you to hang the light either horizontally or vertically and adjust the light to fit your grow spaces needs not the other way around.

The purchase package or this T5 fixture comes with the fixture itself that has the dimensions of 23.19 x 15 x 2.25 inches (58.90cm x 38.1 cm x 5.71cm) and that has outlets to Daisy chain a few of these fixtures together and expand your garden, tubes and 5 year warranty on the fixture.

ViaVolt T5 2 feet 4 bulb fixture

ViaVoltTM T5 2 feet 4 lampThis T5 grow light fixture is am amazing fixture for especially those who are just starting to grow their plants – flowers, vegetables, fruits – and want a light that will offer efficiency in power consumption and brightness in light along with other features.

Each of the four bulb that are featured in this fixture consume 24 watts of power so for the whole fixture your electricity consumption will be 96 watts. But for those you will bet 2,000 lumens from each of the bulbs that together comes up to 8,000 lumens bright light that is extremely powerful and great for plants, no wonder some say that this is one of the strongest fluorescent lights on the market.

The light in sense of color temperature is in 6400 Kelvins that mean that this light will be good for starting plants up to getting them to flowering stages of their growth. But if you buy 3000 Kelvin bulbs then you can get your plant all the way up to its end. Because this light fixture have separate switches for each pair of bulbs, you can also put in two 6400 Kelvin and 3000 Kelvin tubes and you will get mixed light so that you won’t have exchange the bulbs.

A great streak of this fixture is that it has louvered and slotted shell so it offers not only low heat emission but great cooling option too so that the light itself doesn’t overheat and the plants have nice cool grow space.

In addition to that it has electronic ballasts that are used by all major T5 manufacturers and tested and approved by many plant growers. Also it has great hanging and mounting option because the fixture comes with 2 chrome hangers that lets you easily hang it up where you need it.

The dimensions of this T5 grow light fixture are 23.5 inches in length, 13 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height (59.69cm x 30.48cm x 6.35cm).

JD-Lightings Hydroponic 2 feet 4 lamp fixture

JD-Lightings HydroponicThis hydroponic T5 grow light fixture has the features such as high lumen output, low watt consumption and heat emission and other great things to grow plants and keep a healthy garden all year around.

Each of the bulbs consume 24 watts of electricity that together makes up 96 watts of energy consumption for this fixture, but keep in mind that for these watts you get powerful and bright light that will top all other grow lights and still allow you to pay less for your electricity.

The light emitted from the four bulb fixture is in the color temperature of 6500 Kelvins so that makes it perfect for plants that are in their vegetating stages of their growth but if you exchange the 6500 Kelvin ones for 3000 Kelvin bulbs you will get amazing light that is suited for flowering stages of plants growth.

The characteristic of this grow light that stands out to me is that the bulbs in this light have an unique lamp spacing, that lets the light provide an even larger and more uniform coverage over the plants and also greater light distribution throughout the bulbs.

In addition to that this light fixture have aluminium reflectors that ensure that even up to 95 % of all the light that is emitted by the bulbs will end up to the plants. And the mounting and hanging options for this fixture are great because you can put it up horizontally or vertically to optimize your grow space and your garde.

The purchase package includes the fixture itself that is in dimensions 24 inches to 15 inches to 3 inches in height (60.96cm x 38.1cm x 7.62cm). The light can be Daisy chained together with other fixtures to give your garden even more light coverage. And it comes with 1 year warranty if anything happens to the light.

Sun Blaze HO 2 feet 4 lamp T5 fixture

Sun Blaze HO 2 feet 4 lampThis light is a great T5 light fixture for those who own a smaller indoors gardens or grow operations because it is very efficient in power consumption, bright in light emission and have other features that makes it great light.

The light chews up 96 watts of power dividing 24 watts to each of the four bulbs in the fixture. But for those 96 watts the light emits 8000 lumen strong and powerful light that will let you plants grow healthy and strong and your electricity bill will stay small.

The color temperature for the bulbs that come with the fixture is 6500 Kelvins, which  means that the original fixture will be great for plants that are seedling or still growing. But if you buy and put in 3000 Kelvin bulbs then the fixture becomes one that is ideal for flowering plants.

The greatest thing about this particular fixture is in fact the low heat emission because with this light you can not only place it just a couple of inches above your plants canopies and they won’t burn, but your grow room will be cooler too, so your plants will be happier. And on top of that the light has small louvers that keep the light fixture ventilated and let the hot air out of the light, preventing it from overheating.

But other great features include built in reflectors that makes the distribution of emitted light very even and makes sure that almost all of the light goes towards the plants that are under the light. And the light is spread evenly between all bulbs so the light diffusion is extremely good and no hot spots can originate.

The ligh fixture is 26.75 inches long, 14.2 inches wide and 3.9 inches high (67.95 cm x 36.1 cm x 9.91 cm). And it comes with a Daisy chain feature that allow to expand the light coverage by plugging together more of these light fixtures.


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