DIY T5 8 bulb grow light review

diy T5This T5 grow light is  an ideal grow light that will help various sized plants to grow and flower to their full potential, giving you perfect harvest or beautiful flowers with only one light fixture.

The innovation about this particular light fixture is that it is a deformable light stand meaning that you can set up the light in many different ways and adjust it to suite your gardens needs. You can change the surface light source for it to go in different directions and also adjust the space between tubes and the plants and the tubes themselves to optimize the light and achieve the best results.

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You can set up the light in:

  • regular classic flat shape for uniform light,
  • arch shape where the light will be more concentrated for quicker growth
  • inverted-V shape which will come in handy if you have a grow shelf in A-shape,
  • waved shape which will let you expand your lighting area and illuminate larger growth area
  • floor parenthesis shape that will let you give light to your plants from all sides, but with this you will need at least two sets of these fixtures

Another great feature of this T5 light is that it features dual purpose bulbs where there are blue and orange-red spectrum bulbs inside one fixture for the best results. The blue light bulbs have the color temperature of 6500K that is great in promoting first the sprouting and then the growth of the plant, but the orange-red light bulbs have the color temperature of 300K and it is best for plants when they are flowering, blooming and budding.

This light also offers a remote control option that is great because you can change the lights settings or turn them on and off without moving from your chair or desk, which allows you to care for your plants even if you are extremely busy.

This light fixture comes with 8 bulbs – four 3000K ones and four 6500K ones and a portable ring to make it easy for you to either carry the fixture or hang it on your ceiling or wall. It also have built in ballast for stabilized voltage and a reflector too.

The overall size of the light fixture is 24 ⅞ inches in length, ¼ of inch wide and 2 and ⅛ of an inch in height,  it chews up 192 watts of electricity, but its voltage is from 110 to 130 volts for that you will get 16000 lux large light illumination.

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