LuxStar 4 feet 8 bulb Fluorescent T5 Hydroponic fixture review

Luxstar 4 feet 8 bulbLuxStar 4′ Grow Plant Hydroponics T5 Fluorescent Lights are best for larger indoors grow operations, because they are 4 feet 8 bulb fixtures and you can fit quite a few plants under them comfortably.

LuxStar 4 feet GrowT5 Fluorescent Lights are available in two versions:

  • 8  bloom bulb

  • 8  grow bulb

What is the difference between them? The bloom bulbs are more suited for your plants when they are in the flowering stages of their growth but grow bulbs are better for vegetative and seedling stages of their growth.

These lights are produced by a pretty new but therefore modern company called LUX – Star, that offers not only grow lights for gardening but also dental and other professional lighting, which means that this company manufactures qualitative and trustworthy lighting fixtures.

The biggest difference of these T5 lights from different grow lights is that they emit much less heat than other lighting. And this small heat emission offers you a few good features of why these light are better than other.

Firstly, you can put these lights much closer to your plant canopy than you would be able with other lights. That means that your plants will get more light but still won’t get damaged by overheating of even burning the upper leafs.

Secondly, they have very even light distribution so all the plants that are under you light will get the same amount of light and you won’t get hot spots, places where light is more intense, and where plants grow bigger as oppose to places where the light is less intense and the plants don’t get as much light and aren’t able to grow as big.

Thirdly, you won’t have to introduce your grow room to powerful ventilation system, because you won’t get as much heat from these LuxStar 4′ T5 grow Fluorescent Lights as you would get from other light you can find at our homepage. Of course there is no way you will manage without any ventilation system because these are big light fixtures but your ventilation system just won’t have to be as big and you will be able to save your money on the system itself and energy that it consumes.

The lumen output of both the grow and the bloom bulbs is 40000 lumen, so they both are equally powerful. For these 40000 lumens they both chew up only 432 watts of energy. So they’re lumen to watt ratio is pretty small for this kind of light intensity – about 92.59 lm/W, so you will be able to save your money on electricity, and you won’t have to deal with sudden electricity bill increases after putting up these lights.

As I mentioned in the beginning you can chose two different kinds of bulbs – grow or bloom bulbs – for these lights. The glow bulb color temperature is 6500K and that is pretty similar to the color temperature of our natural light source – the sun when it is directly over our heads (in the summer) , which means that under these lights your plants will produce strong stems and leaves and their overall growth will be increased. The bloom bulb color temperature is 3000K which closely resembles the light spectrum of the sun when it it lowers on the horizon (in the autumn).That means you should put your plants under these bulbs when they are starting to flower or bloom as this light increases the flower production. And you even have the feature to dim 4 of your bulbs and leave 4 bright because of the dual power switches, that can come in handy if you want to use 4 glow and 4 bloom bulbs in one light fixture.

Because these lights are low profile, you will also be able to save ever so needed space of your grow room. They are just 47 inches long, 24 inches wide and 2.25 inches high (119.38 cm x 60.96 cm x 5.72cm). And thanks to the convenient size you are able to hang these lights three ways – overhead, vertically or horizontally. They also come with built in ballast with safety features and you won’t even have to assemble them because they come in one piece and ready to use.


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