Hydrofarm FLP46 4-Feet/6-Tube review

Hydrofarm 4 feet 6 tubeHydrofarm FLP46 4 feet 6 tube T5 Designer System is suited for medium to large indoors grow operations and it offers both intense light and low wattage for effective and cheap use.

These 4 feet 6 tube T5 systems are made by US company called Hydrofarm. They are one of the oldest grow light manufacturers with over 35 years of experience in making very effective and energy saving indoor lighting and grow light fixtures.

The best feature of these lights are that they don’t produce much heat and in comparison to other grow lights like High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide emit one of the smallest amounts of heat. And that gives you three great reasons why buy these lights.

If these light produce less heat than that means that there is less heat in your grow room. You don’t have to worry so much about how to discharge the unnecessary heat from the grow room and think about powerful ventilation systems that not only are expensive themselves and takes up space in your grow room but consume quite a lot of electricity. So in the end you will save money and space.

Because of the small heat emission you can put your plants right under these lamps (couple of inches) and they won’t get burned, because burns can damage your plants quite severely or even kill them.

These Hydrofarm FLP46 4 feet 6 tube T5 fixtures also have very even light distribution so you won’t get so called hot spots – places where the light is more concentrated.This means the plants in these ”hot-spots” get more intense light and can grow bigger than others and faster than others and in some cases even get burned because the lights is too intense in one spot. This is not good for you and your garden because your plants would go into each stage of growth in different times making it difficult for you to care for them and the places where the heat is too high the plant will get damaged and can wilt and die.

These lamps offer you high lumen output – up to 30000 lumens, but low wattage at the same time – 324 watts. So after doing some math we end up with 92.59 lumen to watt ratio. Which is very good because you get high intensity light for small amount of watts consumed. With these lamps you won’t have that big of a difference in your electricity bills so you won’t have to pay huge bills just because you want to grow a garden indoors or supply your aquarium with supplemental light.

The color temperature of these t5 grow lights bulbs is 6400K and because it is the same as the color temperature of the natural light source – sun, under these lights you will be able to grow healthy and strong plants. But it is best to put your plants under these lights when they are in their fruitless stages of growth or when they are producing their leaves and stems, because then light with this color temperature will do the most good to your plants at those stages.

The weight of this t5 fixture is 22 pounds (9.98 kg) which is actually not that heavy considering that they have powder coated and textured steel housing that provides durability and long life span. The measures for these lights are 48.5 inches in length, 20.5 inches in width and 4.5 inches in height (123.19 cm x 52.07 cm x 11.43cm). And thanks to the convenient size you can easily maneuver them and hang them in three different ways – overhead, horizontally and vertically. And these different hanging configurations allow you to suit these lamps to your needs and necessities. You even have the ability to use daisy – chain system to put a few of these lights together and to expand your garden from a single electricity outlet.

There also is also a 5-year warranty on ballast and 1-year warranty on craftsmanship included but anyone who uses these lights will tell you that they are a qualitative product and you won’t need to use this warranty.


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