Sun Blaze T5 HO 48 4feet 8 lamp review

SunBlaze T5 4 feet 9 tube fixtureSun Blaze T5 HO 48 is a 4 feat 8 bulb grow light fixture which is best for large indoor grow operations. It is produced by a US based company called Sunlight Supply. They have become one of the leading indoors grow light manufacturers in the US. Their products range from grow light to many other gardening supplies, so they are not only experienced and trustworthy, but also their products have very high quality.

Because this Sun Blaze T5 48 light fixture has T5 grow bulbs you are able to put it very close to your plants and it won’t produce as much heat as other kind of grow lights do and won’t damage or even kill your plants by burning them. That also means that you can put these lights very close to your plant canopy and it will still grow strong and healthy. It also has louvres on all its sides and slots on top for cooling, so the lamp itself won’t overheat and also won’t heat up your grow room as much, so you won’t have to install as powerful ventilation systems as you would if you choose different grow lights.

Thanks to even light spread of these t5 light fixtures you won’t have to deal with the probability of hot spots, which is pretty important as you can fit quite a few plants under these bulbs. In other words you won’t have to worry about one plant from the bunch getting more light as other one and growing bigger and faster. These lamps also come with 95% reflective aluminum reflector that will help with even light spread and diffusion too.

This light fixture has a very high lumen output – 4000 lm chewing up just 432 W. So doing a little math and calculating the lumen to watt ratio we get about 92.59 lm/W , that is very good. With these lights you will be able to save money on your electricity, because of the low wattage for that high of lumen count.

Because of the steel housing this Sun Blaze light fixture has a white powder coated finish, it is very durable but still very modern looking. You are able to hang this light vertically or horizontally, depending on your gardens needs and options and the wire hangers to do that are even included in the package. The dimensions of this light fixture are 48 inches in length, 22.5 inches in width and 2.7 inches in height (121.92cm x 57.15cm x 6.858cm). And its weight is 31 lbs (14 kg). So they are pretty lightweight considering the size and you won’t have problems with mounting them to the ceiling or wall.

The color temperature of these lamps is 6500K so they are best for growing plants while they are in their vegetative stages of their grow cycle or when the are growing their green parts (leaves, stems ). And they are also perfect for propagation or plant cloning. But you can also buy 3000K lamps separately and switch to them when plant starts to flowering.

These lights also come with daisy chain feature that lets you to plug together multiple light fixtures running on one single 120V outlet that lets you to grow even more plants and have bigger grow operations. And with two on/off switches you will be able to run only four of the eight lamps so you can ever put in 4 6500K and 4 3000K lamps and have mixed color light for better results.

Here is a quote to let you see how Amazon clients are satisfied with this product:

The build quality is very nice, the lamps are good quality and the electric cord is very long. I have been using them for about a month now with no problems at all


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