JD-Lighting 2 feet 8 bulb review

This T5 fluoresJD-Lightings 2 feet 8 bulb fixturecent 2 feet 8 lamp grow light system in an amazing grow light for plants that are vegetating because it consists of 8 lamps that are adapted for growing plants and it also is customized so that it can operate on very low wattage but at the same time give very high performance in sense of lumen output.

This light is made by JD-Lightings, Inc, a company that specializes in manufacturing grow lights that are specially good if used in urban atmospheres and because often in that kind of settings there isn’t a lot of space these lights are produced so that they are compact, economical but still efficient.

This light consists of 8 24 watt bulbs so together the wattage of this T5 grow light is 192 watts. But considering the light brightness it gives out these 192 watts are nothing. And the spike in your electricity bill also won’t be that big even if you maintain 16/8 or bigger light cycle.

This grow light comes not only with great watt consumption but also with other cool features like 95 % reflective aluminum reflector that will help the plants grow by reflecting the light and not letting it go to waste by no shining on the plants directly.

Another good feature is that this light produces fairly little heat. So your grow operation won’t overheat so you won’t have to add ventilation systems and your plants won’t get burned by the intense light it radiates.

Then there also is the color temperature of the bulbs which is 6500 Kelvins. And that is very similar to the color temperature of the sun when it is in its peak so these tubes in made for plants that are in vegetative stage and with them you will get the maximum growth out of any plants.

JD-Lightings 2 feet 8 bulb fixture two side view

And lastly the lamp spacing of this fluorescent light is uniquely made not only to achieve wider light coverage but also to make the light distribution better.

The weight of this black T5 lamp is 15 pounds (6.8 kg) and the dimensions are 24 inches to 28 inches to 3 inches in height (60.96 cm x 71.12 cm x 7.62 cm) so although it has quite bif of coverage it still is made small and will fit in smaller areas and won’t need a lot of space for additional ventilation and cooling.

If you are looking for making your grow operation even bigger then with the daisy – chain system you can easily combine multiple light together. And also the various hanging options like overhead or side mounting  provides that you can really get the garden you dreamt of.

And when you buy this light a wire cord, bulbs and 1 year warranty is included so just set it up and use the power of T5 fluorescent tubes.


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