Fluorogrow EverGreen 4 feet 8 bulb review

Evergreen 4 feet 8 lamp t5 power chord and hanging kitThis is a 4 feet 8 lamp T5 high output grow light fixture that can be used for home or commercial growing. It has great lumen output, small watt consumption and the perfect color temperature for plants to grow big and strong and go into the flowering stage ready to produce big yields.

This light consists on quality components like Philip electronic ballast and top bulbs that are already installed into the grow fixture. The bulbs have the color temperature of 6500 Kelvins that is similar to the color temperature of the sun when it is in its highest point during the day. And that means that the plants will get all the necessary spectrum light for vegetating and they will grow leaves and stems rapidly. But of course you can also purchase 3000 Kelvin tubes that are better for budding plants and you can even install four of each kind  into your fixture and then you will get mixed, universal light that will be good for both growing plants and when they are flowering. And with the dual switch you have the option to switch on only four of all eight bulbs.

Evergreen 8 lamp T5 large

The light outputs 40,000 lumens bright of a light but it still manages to maintain low heat emission and it has excellent heat dissipation. So even though you will be getting very powerful light for your plants the fixture won’t make your grow room very hot or cause any other heat related damage to the plants.

green T5 grow light power switchesThe built in reflector will help to reflect all of the light back to plants so that no light will be lost and the lamp can provide the plants with light to its full potential.

It also has uniquely and proper spaced bulbs so that it provides amazing light penetration and dispersion. So even the lower leaves of plant will get enough light to grow and be healthy.

Evergreen T5 light has aluminum housing that protects the fixture and makes it durable but also it keeps it looking new and keeps it from rusting. And thanks to the aluminium it also is lightweight because if it is 48 inches long, 16.25 inches wide and 3 inches high (121.92 cm x 41.275 cm x 7.62 cm) it weighs only 13 lbs (5.89 kg).

But if you are looking to expand your garden you can purchase a couple of these lamps and use the daisy chain system to plug them together and your grow operation will be much bigger in instant.

Together with the lamp there also comes the bulbs for it, 10 foot cord, clips and cable to hang the light up either vertically or horizontally from the ceiling or on the wall (recommended height to mount the light is 18 inches) and also an amazing 5 year warranty.


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