JD-Lightings Hydroponic 4 feet 2 bulb light review

JD-Lightings 4 feet 2 bulb fixtureThis T5 fluorescent 4 feet 2 lamp grow light system is suited for those growers who wants a light that will help their plants to grow but that will also be very effective not only in lumen output but also in that how many watts it consumes.

A company by the name JD-Lightings, Inc is manufacturing this T5 grow light system.  They have committed to be the number one company for those growers who try to grow their plants in urban atmosphere and therefore have much less space. They try to make the best electronic ballasts, grow lights and other equipment for urban growers to help and let them also grow fresh plants and live healthier lifestyle.

This lights dimensions are 48 inches to 10 inches to 3 inches (121.92 cm x 25.4 cm x 7.62 cm) and it weighs 18 pounds (8.16 kg) so it is pretty big and will be enough for a bigger grow operation. But it still looks sleek with its black exterior and two 4 feet T5 grow bulbs that have spaced in unique way so that they ensure the best and most efficient light distribution.

For the quite great size it only consumes 54 watts or power per bulb so the total power input is 108 Watts. So it can’t be counted as high – consumption light. But in return for burned 54 watts you get the maximum lumen output that will let your plants grow to their full potential and they will be strong and healthy going into flowering stage of growth.

JD-Lightings 4 feet 2 bulb fixture front and back view

The tubes that in fact comes with purchasing this system have the color temperature of 6500 Kelvins. That means that it is pretty close to the color temperature of the sun when it is in its highest point of the day around noon so that makes these grow light systems appropriate for plants when they are vegetating. And the 95 % reflective aluminum reflectors that comes with this systems electronic ballast also helps all the light go to the plants and not to be lost somewhere in the grow area.

But the best thing about this particular light is the heat emission and all that is related to it. Because it is T5 light it has very tame heat emission so that you are able to put these light just a couple of inches from your plants canopy and nothing will happen to them. And also the small heat means less heat to the grow room and less expenses for you!

If you buy this T5 grow light system you will get not only the light itself and the previously mentioned 6500K bulbs but also and wire cord and a hanging wire for easier mounting to either wall or ceiling. If only one light system is not enough and you want even bigger light coverage you have the daisy-chainable system that will make it very easy to mount multiple lamps togeather. And for safety a 1 year warranty is included but the fixture itself will last much much longer that that!


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