LuxStar 4 feet 6 bulb Fluorescent T5 grow fixture review

luxstar 4 feet 6 bulbIf you are thinking of growing a medium to large sized garden indoors then these LuxStar 6 tube 4 feet T5 grow Fluorescent Lights are one of the best 4 foot 6 bulb fixtures out there and are good space saving and high lumen output option.

You can purchase these lights with two different kind of bulbs – grow and bloom bulbs.

What is the difference between them?

The answer is color temperature. The grow (glow) bulb color temperature is 6500K and that is almost the same as the color temperature of the daytime sun. So it is best to put your plants under the 6500K T5 grow bulbs when they are in their vegetative stages of the growth or simply when they are expanding their green parts and not flowering yet. But the bloom bulb color temperature is 3000K so they are more suited to the plants when they are blooming or flowering. And you even have the option to switch only 3 of the bulbs on if needed thanks to the dual power switches. This which can be handy as you can turn off half of the bulbs when you have fewer growing plants under the fixture.


These LuxStar 4 feet T5 Fluorescent grow Light fixtures are manufactured by a company of the same name – LUX-Star. Because they are newer company they offer modern but still very qualitative lights not only for gardening, but other professions too for example dentists and mechanics. And since their t5 bulbs don’t contain mercury (Hg) or phosphorus (P) powder they are a very safe for many different uses.

The best T5 grow light feature is the low heat emission and with that comes a few benefits.

  • First being the most obvious – since these light doesn’t produce so much heat your grow room also won’t heat up as much. You won’t have to think about buying a large and powerful ventilation system to cool down your grow room. And because of that you will save your money too, because these ventilation systems get bigger and powerful they also use more energy and they become more expensive .

  • But the fact that these lights produce considerably less heat than other grow lights also means that you can put these t5 light very close to your plant canopy (few inches above) and they will be just fine. Your plants won’t get any kind of burns that can cause serious damage to them.

  • And the third great feature is that not only they radiate that much less heat but they also divide their light spread very evenly between all the lamps. And that is good because you won’t get hot spots as it can happen with other kinds of grow lights. So you not only won’t burn your plants but they all will be in equal size and there won’t be plants that will have gotten more light and have grown bigger than others making it easier for you to take care for your garden.

One of the most important thing that everyone is looking for in their grow lights are low wattage, because the lower the wattage is the smaller your electricity bill will be. The wattage of these LuxStar 6 4’ T5 Lights is 324 watts but considering that they have very high lumen output – up to 30000 lumens – this wattage is very low. And if we do some math we get 92.59 lumen to watt ratio and that is one of the best ratios between all of grow lights of the same size.

These lights come with durable metal frame that gives you the ability to mount these lights to your surfaces in two directions – horizontally or vertically and you can hang them overhead too. The size of these light fixtures is 47 inches in length, 18.5 inches in width  and 2.25 inches in height (119.38 cm x 46.99 cm x 5.72 cm). And if you buy these lights you won’t have to deal with assembling them because they already come pre-made with built in ballasts and safety features.


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