Sun Blaze HO 2 feet 2 lamp T5 fixture review

sunblaze 2 feet 2 lampSun Blaze T5 HO 22 – 2 feet 2 Lamp light fixtures are brand lights created by Sunlight Supply, Inc to be suited for smaller indoor grow operations and to let growers grow their plants under intense but at the same time energy efficient fluorescent lights.

Sunlight Supply, Inc is a US based company who manufactures very wide range of gardening supplies including grow lights. They started working in 1995 and since have become the leading company in the US when it comes to buying everything for your garden.

The reason why exactly these lights are the best for indoors growing are mainly because of three great things that these light have.

  • First being that they have very good light diffusion between those two bulbs. That means that they provide growers with very even light spread and there is a little chance of getting hot spots in your garden or in other words having places in your garden where the light may be intensified causing the plants that are in these places to either grow faster or even get burned, causing severe damage to them.

  • When speaking about burning your plant canopy, with these t5 grow lights there is small possibility of that too, because these Sun Blaze T5 lights don’t heat up as much. You can even put them just a couple of inches (2 -5) above your plants and they will still be in perfect condition.

  • And if they doesn’t heat up as much that means that they give out less overall  heat as well so your grow room will be cooler and you also won’t have to think about getting expensive exhaust ventilation system installed to discharge the excess heat from your grow room. And you won’t need to worry about these lights overheating because they have louvres in their housing that helps to cool them while they are glowing.

The lumen output of this Sun Blaze 2 bulb T5 grow light fixtures is 4000 lumens but for that they chew up only 48 watts per hour. And if we calculate the lumen to watt ratio we get a very pleasing number – 83.3 lm/W. These great numbers means that your plants will get very intense light but you won’t have to pay a lot for that. You will surely be able to save your money if you choose to buy these lights!

The original Sun Blaze T5 HO 22 light fixture is best suited for growing plants that are in their vegetative growth stage, meaning when their leaves and stems are growing fastest and they haven’t yet started to flower.This growth stage is more suited because the original bulb color temperature is 6500K and you can find out more about color temperatures and t5 lights here.

But you can also buy bulbs with the color temperature of 3000K which is the most beneficial for plants when they are flowering.

The housing for these lamps are made from white powder coated steel and that provides durability and the white color also reflects light so every part of this t5 fixture is made for optimum growth conditions. Buy considering this attention to detail they aren’t that heavy – just 8 lbs (3.63 kg) so you can easily hang them with the included cable hangers three ways – horizontally, vertically or simply overhead. And the daisy- chain system lets you plug in multiple light together to expand your garden or simply provide better lighting from one electrical outlet.

The dimensions of these lights are 26.75 inches in length, 9.3 inches in width and 4 inches in height (67.95 cm x 23.62 cm x 10.16cm).

If you buy these lamps you will also get 5 year warranty on ballast components, 12 foot power cord and eco-friendly packaging but in most occasions the warrant won’t be necessary as Sun Blaze makes very durable grow light fixtures and bulbs.

Overall this lights is good for starting plants from seed or clones or even as a supplemental light to any grow operation as the two bulbs don’t give very intense light but for smaller plants it will be more than enough.

And Amazon clients also have just good words to say about these t5 light fixtures:

I’ve hung two of these around my house for the winter months to keep my house plants happy. They’ve shown remarkable growth, which I figure means the light is working, and well. The light is compact and easy to hang. The daisy chain option is nice and the cord is plenty long to give you room to work with. Great light.


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