SunBlaster 24 Combo review

24 sunblaster cobo

The SunBlaster 24 Combo is a one bulb grow light that is perfect for small grow operation owners, because although it is quite small it still offers extremely powerful light but doesn’t use a lot of electricity.

This SunBlaster grow light is made by a company with the same name – SunBlaster Lighting, Inc. They are producing their own grow lights for over 10 years now and have become one of the top grow light manufacturers, because not only their lights are top notch quality but they have developed the components so that they fit together and create one of the most amazing grow lights on the market with amazing efficiency ratings and light output!

Particularly this 2 feet or 61 cm long T5 grow light operate on just 24 watts per hour so it doesn’t chew up much power. But despite the low wattage it still is able to give out 2520 lumen high light which means that your plants will get light to grow fast but at the same time you won’t have to pay a lot for it. This Lumen to watt ratio of this bulb is a whopping 105 lm/W and that is one of the best ratings that T5 grow light could have and that of course means more growth for less $ spent on electricity!

This company have re-engineered each of the light components so that they give out minimal heat. And this little heat have a few advantages. With it you will be able to put this light very close to your plants canopy to give them the best possible light, but the fact that the light is so close to tops of the plants won’t cause any damage and your plants will be happy. Another thing with the low heat emission is that your grow area or room – whichever you have – won’t  heat up and there won’t be heat build ups to be battled with big and expensive ventilation systems.

All the SunBlaster bulbs also have very even light spread so all through the length of the bulb it will give the same amount of light. And the light penetration is awesome too , so all of the plants leaves even the lower ones will get some light and will be able to grow and produce energy for the whole plant.

The bulb itself has the color temperature of 6400 Kelvins so you should use it on plants when they are vegetating or in simpler words growing. That is because 6400K is very close to the color temperature to the natural daytime(summer) sunlight under which the plants grow the best.

But that is not all. This grow light other that having great bulb and overall efficiency have another advantage.It comes with this new Nanotech Reflector that can reflect up to 300% more light back to the plants than they would receive from just a bulb without a reflector. It is thanks to the new technology that is used in making this reflector and ir you think about why reflectors work you should come to a conclusion that they just take the whole bulbs light output and direct it downward where your plants are growing!

If you buy this combo not only you will get the grow light with the bulb and Nanotech reflector. You will also receive very efficient electronic ballast, power cord with switch and mounting clips that lets you either hang the light from the ceiling and use it as regular overhead light or mount it to your wall horizontally or vertically and use it as sidelight.


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