SunBlaster 2 feet 1 bulb Grow Light Kit review

SunBlaster 2 feet 24 W 1 bulb grow light fixtureThe SunBlaster T5 HO 24 is a grow light kit that is made with the most modern technology to be the most efficient in lumen output but to also consume as little energy as possible. It is made to be the best grow light for the best price in order for you to save your money and allow you to grow amazing plants.


This grow light kit is manufactured by a company called Sun Blaser Lighting. They have established a name for themselves over 10 years ago and ever since have been one of the most popular grow lighting producers that is well recognized for the high quality of the lighting, using the most innovative technology out there and having amazing customer service.


Each of the SunBlaster 24 grow kit bulbs consume only 24 watts of power per one hour but at the same time gives out 2520 lumens. So if we would calculate the lumen to watt ratio for this grow light we would get 105 lm/ W which is extremely high for only one little 2 feet (61 cm) long T5 fluorescent bulb. And from this high of a lumen to watt ratio you can see that this SunBlaster light is perfect to use a supplemental lighting for indoor grow operations on plants that are in their vegetative stage of growth. This light can also be used for seeling staring and in combination with other grow light because the color temperature of the bulb is 6400K and that is almost identical to the color temperature of our natural light source – the sun when it shined directly above our heads in the middle of the day. And these bulbs can also last up to 10’000 hours so they are truly good investment.

Why are they so good for indoor growing you ask?

Because of three simple reasons:

  1. First these lights emit so little heat that they won’t cause any problems with your grow area being too hot. So ultimately you won’t need to buy powerful and expensive ventilation systems to discharge the excess heat from your grow room.

  2. Secondly, this little heat lets you also put the bulb very close to your plant canopy. Literally just a couple of inches above it so your plants will get as much light as possible and it won’t go to waste.

  3. And thirdly, this grow bulb has super even light distribution. There basically isn’t a chance of hot spots occurring anywhere in your grow area with this bulb. Because a hot spot is the areas of light where it is much brighter and therefore can cause heat related damage to your plants for example burn them growers tend to look for alternatives to HID light and this T5 bulb give very even light so it is evenly spread around your grow room. These bulbs also provide high light penetration so it can get even to the most bottom leaves of your plants and give them some light!

In this grow light kit there is not only the bulb itself but you also get the newest and the most effective electronic ballast, a power chords and easy mounting clips for you to be able to easily hang them in a few different ways – overhead like a regular lamp, or on the walls horizontally to give light to two or three plants or vertically that lets you give light to one plant in its full length.

And you can even link a few of these SunBlaster T5 HO 24 grow lights together and easily expand your lighting system and your grow operation. This truly is one of the best and most effective grow lights for smaller grow operation owners that want quality lighting that won’t consume a lot of electricity but will be bright and powerful.


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