Sun Blaze T5 VHO 4 feet 8 bulb light review

SunBlaze VHO 4 feet 8 bulb fixtureThis is a very high output T5 4 feet 8 lamp light that delivers not only quality when it comes to the structure of the light, but also when it comes to the brightness of the light and the energy consumption.

Because of the fact that this is a VHO light it can give out much much larger amount of lumens than a regular HO T5 light. Each bulb of this light gives out in 7200 lumens that is 57600 lumens in total for the whole fixture. Isn’t that amazing? And what is the electricity consumption for that you ask? Only 95 watts per each bulb that in the end are 760 watts consumed by the light fixture per hour. And although it may seem a lot at first just think that you will get an efficiency of 75 lumens per each watt that is burned. That ratio is very good and your plants will be very satisfied under so intense light!

In my opinion the best feature of this T5 fixture is the lovers and slots that are placed on the sides and the top of the light. They not only help to cool off the light itself so that it doesn’t overheat, but it also at the same time helps the light operate cooler. And if the light is cooler then it doesn’t give out that much heat and in return you grow room or area is much cooler and the spike in temperature at the plant level isn’t that big. And if the bulbs are cooler than they can be placed closer to your plants without causing any problems and damage to them. So they will get better light because of the small distance and will grow better and bigger.

Another great thing is that this fixture comes with bulbs so you won’t need to spend more money and purchase those separately. The ones included are 6500 Kelvin bulbs and because that is almost the same temperature that the sun has when it is in its peak during the day the light is more blue toned and works better on plants when they are vegetating. But there is also an option to purchase 3000 Kelvin bulbs separately if you like so that they can be used on plants when they are flowering because of the more red toned light. Just remember to check if the bulbs are VHO not HO when making a purchase, because HO tubes cannot be used with VHO fixtures.

The white powder coated steel housing provides durability and also modern look to the fixture without making it bulky. It is 50 inches to 23.8 inches to 4 inches in dimension (127 cm x 60.45 cm x 10.16 cm). And the weight of the light is 35.4 pounds (16.05 kg).

There are also wire cable hangers included into the package for easy mounting. And the light can be hung up vertically or horizontally by the ceiling or walls depending on your gardens needs. And the voltage this light operates under are 120 volts so keep that in mind!

Overall this VHO T5 grow light fixture is a very efficient and strong light that can grow many plants but at the same time be strong enough to nurture one or two huge plants! If you like to give your plants very intense light then you can check the price and other customer reviews at Amazon.


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