Sun Blaze F24T5-HO light review

Sunblaze 24 W reflector light top viewThis 2 feet long and 6 inch wide T5 grow light has just one bulb but it spits out about 2000 lumens so it is not your typical low power regular T5 fluorescent tube. This T5 tube has that High output bulb and automatically regulated ballast that both are mated together to give you the best possible efficiency from that grow bulb.

This small fixture is created by a company called Sun Blaze and they are well known for their T5 grow light fixtures that are cheap durable and very energy efficient. Because this light only has one bulb Sun Blaze has fitted it with a half circle patented reflector that can give your plants up to 3 time the amount of light because the light that is illuminated from the top and sides of that bulb is also reflected back down. That reflector is made from aluminum and it reflects most of the light but a tiny amount is obviously lost because aluminum is not 100 % reflective.

Because this light uses only 24 Watts of electricity it won’t give your electrical bill almost any additional expenditures and you will be happy that you can supply additional light to your household plants with such a tiny amount of energy used. Because this bulb produces about 2000 total lumens and consume just 24 W of electricity it has 83 lumen per watt efficiency and that trumps any compact fluorescent light by quite a bit and more efficient grow light means more growth for less money used in electricity!Sunblaze Assemple materials

The fixture itself is made from plastic but the hanging rods are metallic so you can safely hang this light and don’t worry about those snapping. The color is White combined with that metallic reflector but overall is has a neutral look so it will fit in almost any room or grow operation and will looks stunning. That metallic reflector that I mentioned also gives this light a good stability and durability rating because it is built into that plastic structure and stiffens it!

Sunblaze 24 W side view

This particular light has a 6500K lamp made by Spectralux and that is a daylight lamp for growing plants that are in their vegetative growth stages. because this light will give your plants a warm white full spectrum light you will be able to start seedlings as well as other household plants but also give supplemental light to larger flowering crops.

One more thing to mention is that this model has a feature that lets you daisy chain more than one light together and power them from one power outlet. This feature is good if you have a longer growing area as you can fit a bunch of these lights together in a straight line but power them from one power outlet at one end of the overall structure.

Good to know: Those connector chords are also included in every package so you don’t need to buy them separately!

When you buy this fixture you get those metal hanging rods and also a V shaped hangers to position your lamp more easily but you can of course not install them and fix the light to your ceiling or wall so you are able to utilize both horizontal and vertical space and use it as a supplemental light if attached horizontally to any wall.

The one thing you will need to do is assemble this light but that takes 2 minutes because you only need to crew those end metal structures and fit those V shaped hanging rods. Oh and of course put your T5 light in the fixture! But this will be easy because you get a user manual that explains it all.

Sunblaze 24 W reflector light bottom viewI think I managed to explain every detail of this light and overall I feel that this is a perfect candidate for you if you need a small light for your seedlings or to supply additional light to plant sides and because of that cheap price you will definitely be able to afford it!


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