Quantum BadBoy T5 4 feet 6 Bulb Fixture review

6 bulb 4 feet quantum badboy t5 grow light fixtureQuantum BadBoy T5 4 feet 6 Bulb Fixture is a great option for every grower who is in search for good quality grow light that will provide high lumen output but won’t break the bank and consume a lot of electricity.

This grow light is made and produced by a company called Quantum Horticulture who over a 45 year period of time have worked and developed one of the most efficient grow lights for a great price. But not only they manufacture grow lights but specializes in greenhouse management that lets them test these lights and make them the best they can be for their customers.

This grow light fixture with its lamps together consume 356 watts of powers and in return gives you a very powerful, bright light to keep your plants under. So you are really able to save your money and still get very good, powerful grow lights that can grow some really huge plants and produce amazing yields.

These high output T5 bulbs in combination with newest technology ventilated electronic ballast  and reflectors not only lets the light fixture provide you with this high lumen count but also lets itself emit very little heat. That means that you can place this light fixture literally just a couple of inches from your plant canopy and no damage will be done to them. They will only receive the full potential of the lights. But this low heat also means that you won’t have to combat heat in your growing area. So you won’t have to spend a lot of money in big ventilation systems to cool down your grow operation. And lastly this little heat means no hot spots. So you won’t have places in your grow operation where the light would be more powerful and might burn your plants or cause other damages.

This grow light fixture also provides not only low heat emission but even light spread with perfect bulb spacing and perfect light penetration too. So even the lowest leaves of the plant will get light and will be able to grow and basically all the plants get the same amount of light.

The bulbs that are put into the grow fixture themselves have large light dispersal area so you will be able to fit quite a few plants under those 4 feet 6 bulbs. They have the color temperature of 6500K that is almost the exact temperature of natural light, so you should put your plants under this light when they are vegetating or in other words growing. But if you really want you can also separately buy bulbs with color temperature of 2900K that is perfect for flowering plants but just know that a Quantum company made product will always do best with Quantum bulbs and that exact match will make the most efficient and powerful light source.

The average lifespan for the bulb that go into this light fixture is up to 20,000 hours. The size of this light fixture when it is assembled is 46.25 inches to 18 inches to 3.5 inches in height (117.475 cm x 45.72 cm x 8.89 cm). And you can easily assemble it when it arrives and fold it in unique way for easy transportation afterwards if needed.

Quantum products are also well known for their amazing ballasts because they consume less energy than other similar rated ballasts and more electricity savings means more money in your pocket.


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