Quantum Badboy T5 4 feet 8 lamp fixture review

Quantum badboy t5 4 feet 8 bulbThe Quantum Badboy T5 4ft 8 lamp grow light fixture is a high quality and best selling T5 grow light fixture that ensures high lumen output and big energy efficiency at the same time without being heavy, noisy and wasting your electricity.

This grow light fixture is manufactured by a company called Quantum Horticulture. They have worked over 45 years to develop the best and most efficients grow lights but also to be able to offer them to their customers for the lowest prices. They also works in greenhouse management so you can be assured that the lights that are manufactured by this company is not only qualitative but also the most suited for any indoor growing environment and tested in real greenhouses.

The advantage that the Quantum Badboy T5 light has over all other T5 grow lights is its performance. The bulbs, ballasts and the fixture itself is designed so that all these details together provide customers with around 28% more light, because the fixture is working the lamps harder but doesn’t increase electricity consumption.

You also can safely put these lamps just a few inches from your plant canopy and they won’t get burnt. Why? Because this Quantum Badboy T5 grow lamp is designed to deliver the most intense and bright light to plants when it is the closest to them outputting even up to 50% more lumens and therefore giving up to 50 % more light to the plants.

It is also made to have  the best and most effective lamp spacing that provide uniform light distribution. And the bulbs that goes into this light is made to have even light diffusion so eliminating the chances of spots where the light may be more intense that in other places so creating uneven plants or burning them.

The ballast that comes in this fixture is a digital ballast that powers this T5 lamp. And the reflector that is included is made from glass coated aluminium to provide plants with the most light and to ensure the deepest light penetration. Both the ballas and the reflector along with housing are vented to lessen the heat and to extend the life of this light by cooling it. And the cooling also helps with the heat in the grow room itself, because you won’t have to purchase as powerful of a ventilator to discharge the excess heat from the grow room because there simply will be less heat.

The fixture itself is a low profile T5 grow light fixture and therefore it isn’t very heavy or very large. It weighs only 14.5 lbs (6.57 kg). It is 46.25 inches long,  24 inches wide and 3.5 inches high (117.47 cm x 60.96 cm x 8.89cm)

Unlike many other T5 grow light fixtures when you buy this light you need to buy the bulbs separately, but that offers you variety of different bulbs to choose from and to put in this fixture. Usually customers choose either 2900K grow light bulbs or the 6400k ones. What is the difference between them? The 2900K ones are more suited for plants when they are in their flowering stage of the growth or simply when they are blooming, but the 6500K ones are best for plants when they are vegetating, because their color temperature is the closest to daylight color temperature when the sun is shining brightly and therefore giving the plants the most light. And because there are two switches of the lamp you have the option to switch only four of all eight lamps on and so you can even purchase four bulbs for blooming and four for vegetating and so create mixed light for your plants.

These bulbs each output 54 watts of electricity so if you have eight bulbs in one fixture you get wattage of 432 watts per hour that is not so bad considering that each :

  • 2900K bulbs lumen per one watt output is 93.5 lumens  

  • 6500k bulb 88 lumen per one watt.

If you buy this fixture you can be ensured that it will be easy to transport and assemble it because it has unique folding structure. And it also comes with 3 year warranty just to be sure.

The firm have made tests that show that with this The QuantumBadboy T5 4 feet 8 lamp grow light fixture you can get even better yield and also larger plants even up to half the size bigger that when using other T5 grow lights.


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