New Wave 4 feet 8 bulb review

New Wave whiteThis is an 4 feet 8 bulb T5 grow light fixture that is powerful enough to light up a big grow operation and help plants in it to grow and mature to give you the best yield possible. It is energy efficient, durable and compact to guarantee the best possible results.

Each of the 8 bulbs that is in this grow fixture consumes 54 watts of electricity so together it operates on 432 watts of power. At first it may seem a bit much but if we look at the lumen output which is 40,000 lumens it suddenly isn’t that big, because you know that in return you will get very bright light. You get an efficiency of 92 lumens per one watt so and that is a really high number!

But that is not the only good thing about this T5 fixture. It also is great at heat management and at getting all of the light to plants.When talking about heat it gives out quite small amount of it. And that will help you not only because you won’t have to think so much about getting an additional ventilation to your grow room but also your plants won’t need as much water simply because the grow space won’t be as hot.

That small amount of heat from the louvers and slots in the housing also makes the distance of how far from your plants you should put your light smaller. You can put this lamp literally just a couple of inches from the plant canopies and they still be completely fine.

New Wave 8 tube 4 feet T5 grow light blue

This t5 grow lamp also provides that all of the light gets to the plants because of the 95% reflective aluminum reflector that reflects the light back to the plants and also there is a geometrically adjusted fine bulb spacing on this fixture to cover the best amount of area without light overlaps and heat spots. This spacing also provides not only better light distribution, but also better light penetration and uniform light so those hot spots cannot originate anywhere.

New Wave 8 tube 4 feet T5 grow light side view

Although there aren’t bulbs included when you buy this T5 fixture I feel that I should tell you about the options you can choose from. There are 3000 Kelvin and 6500 Kelvin tubes available. The 3000 K ones are better for plants when they are flowering or seedling because it provides more red light, but the 6500 K ones are good for vegetating plants because it is more similar to the light in the middle of the day when the sun is the highest in the sky, it has more cool, blue glow to it.

Another great feature worth mentioning is the mounting mechanism it comes with. There are wire hangers included for easier mounting to the walls or ceiling in horizontal or vertical manner.

Although the housing of this fixture is from pretty heavy duty white steel it still isn’t that heavy – 23.55 pounds (10.68 kg) considering the size of the light which is 51.75 to 24.5 to 7 inches (131.44 cm x 62.23 cm x 17.78 cm).

And additionally to all these previously mentioned features you will get power cord for the fixture and 2 year warranty for insurance if anything happened to your light while it was tunning.


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