Mr. Light 88761 Linkable T5 Grow Light Fixture review

Mr Light 14 W T5 single bulb lightMr. Light 88761 is a Linkable T5 Grow Light Fixture that is made to be a one bulb grow light that can be easily linked together with another to create great, powerful and bright lighting for plants while consuming just a little amount of watts.

This grow light fixture is manufactured by a US based company – Mr. Light, Inc. It is a family business whose only specialization is creating and distributing many different kind of lighting from candles to solar lights to LED and T5 grow lights. They make all of their products with the highest quality and care possible and in the end creating one of the best lighting fixtures out there.

This MR.Light T5 grow light fixture works on only 14 Watts but gives out 900 lumens, providing very bright light to plants and letting them grow to their full potential.

Because it is a T5 bulb it offers great feature of putting out very little heat, that helps growers in a few different ways.They can put their plants just a couple of inches under the lamp and the plants won’t be in any way damaged. That is how little heat it emits!

Growers also won’t have to worry about hot grow rooms and they won’t have to buy powerful ventilation systems either to get rid of the excess heat or blow cold air inside the room. So basically only expense will be the upfront cost and the barely there cost for electricity monthly.

This bulb also have very even light spread throughout the whole bulb so there isn’t any chance of hot-spots. The good light penetration provides even the lowest leaves of the plant with light but don’t expect miracles because this is not a very powerful light and to grow many plants you will need many of these lamps.These bulbs are specially produced so that their sight spectrum promotes plant growth so use them on plants when they are vegetating or in their seeding phases.

These one long bulb (the bulb is 21 inches or 53.34 cm long) fixtures (but the all fixture itself is 24 inches or 60.96 cm long) are specially designed to be linked together with other to expand the area of light. You are able to link up to 5 of these fixtures together and get a light that is 70 W in power and has 4500 lumens. But of course you can use just one lamp for small grow operation and you will be able to fit around three smaller plants under it and get a decent growth from them.

With the Velcro system that is included into the purchase you will be able to attach this light to almost any surface and you won’t even need tools to do that.

A 6 ft. cord in included into the purchase too.


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