Hydrofarm FLT52KT 2 feet reflector and fixture review

Hydrofarm FLT52KT 2 feet reflector and light fixtureIt is produced by the company with the same name as the light – Hydrofarm, Inc. They have been around for more than 35 years and have become the number one grow light manufacturer in the US. They are known not only for their great experience but also for using quality materials in production, having a long lifespan bulbs, durable fixtures and excellent customer service.

The maximal wattage this light consumes is 24 watts that is not a lot because the lumen output of this a fixture like this is up to 2,000 lumens. So if you buy this lamp in the end you will get a very powerful grow bulb with barely any changes in your electricity bill. And you won’t have to replace the bulb with a new one often either because the average lifespan of one is up to even 20,000 hours.

Because of the efficiency of this light you can use these lights on plants that are in their vegetative stage of growth and they will grow big and strong. And you can even use this light for seeding and they will grow exceptionally well.

The greatest feature of this Hydrofarm light fixture is the very little heat it gives out. That means not only that you really won’t have to search and buy additional ventilation for your grow area to cool it down because it won’t emit a lot of heat, but you will also be able to put the bulb itself just a couple of inches above your plant canopy and they will be just fine. In fact if you are germinating seeds then you can put it basically just above the seeds but if you use it on growing plants then keep them in 3 to 6 inch distance from their canopy.

And also no hot spots can originate with this light thanks to the uniform light spread this light offers. All the plants or seeds that are put under this light will get even amount and brightness of light and because this fixture has no plastic surrounding around the bulb it , all the lumens will be passed to your plants and nothing will be lost.

This reflector and hardware kit weighs only 1.9 lbs (0.861 kg) and it is 2.7 inches in width, 2.9 in height and  inches to 30.1 inches in length ( 9.4 cm x 7.6 cm x 76.7 cm).  And thanks to the weight and size you can place this light in a few different ways in your grow room. For example you can hang it overhead like a regular light or mount it to your wall and use it as a side lighting. And the one of a kind hardware that consists of high performance grow light reflector kit and the reflective inside of the lamp ensure that all the light will be directed right at the plants and none will be lost.

If the one bulb fixture isn’t enough for you you can plug together up to 8 of these lights with the Daisy chain system that is built in the light so expanding your grow operation easily. And it comes with one year full warranty too.

The only drawback of this light is that the bulb itself is not included and you will have to buy seperate bulbs and you can find them in out Top bulb review post.

You can see that this light is quite a bargain and you can see the price and other details on Amazone.


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