Hydrofarm FLP48 4-Feet/8-Tube review

hydrofarm 4 feet 7 tube fixtureHydrofarm FLP48 4 feet 8 tube T5 Designer System is made for large grow operations. With it you not only will be able to put these bulbs closer to your plants, but get much better and qualitative light than with other grow lights.

The manufacturer of these lights is a company called Hydrofarm. They are one of the oldest and most trusted grow light producers in the US and they specialize in making high lumen output and very energy saving (efficient) grow lighting.

As I mentioned you can grow your plants right under these lights (couple of inches), because they doesn’t heat up as much as other grow lights so the heat won’t burn your plants and won’t prevent them from growing big and strong. They also have a very wide light spread and it is evenly divided between all 8 bulbs so you don’t have to worry about hot spots that can damage your plants. There won’t be any one spot in your garden where the light is more intense so there won’t be a problem with having bigger and smaller plants in your grow operation. All plants should be around the same size, if grew under these lights with all other grow conditions being equal.

But if you are thinking that this should decrease the lumen output and the light intensity of these lights, then think again. This 4 feet 8 tube T5 Designer System has lumen output up to 40000 lm, but for this high of lumen output it will use only 432 Watts. So calculating the lumen to watt ratio we get around 92.59 lm/W. That is especially good for your wallet, because your electricity bill will be considerably smaller than if you would use other grow lights. And with this kind of lumen output and small wattage with the same bulbs you will definitely be able to have multiple harvests. These multiple harvest will be possible because the bulbs are rated somewhere around the 10000 hours and that means a lot of growth!

When speaking about the color temperature, it is 6400K. And because the sun also has color temperature of 6400K, these lights are best for plants that are in their vegetative stages of their growth, or in other words you should put your plants under these lights when they are growing their leaves and stems. Of course you can keep your plants under them when they are flowering too, it just won’t be as effective.

Although the interior of these Hydrofarm FLP48 4 feet 8 tube T5 Designer Systems are made of German specular aluminium, but the housing is made of powder coated, textured steel, they weigh just around 28 pounds (12.7 kg). You can also hang them horizontally or vertically, so you can adapt the lights to your garden not the other way around. And they have the daisy- chainable system. These lights are 46.25 inches long, 24 inches wide and 2.6 inches high (117.47cm x 60.96cm x 6.6 cm).

If you buy this Hydrofarm FLP48 4 feet 8 tube T5 Designer System of course you will also get  5-year warranty on ballast and 1-year warranty on craftsmanship.

Amazon customers are also happy with this System:

Much cheaper to purchase and power than metal halide alternatives. I’m very pleased.


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