Hydrofarm FLP22 review

Hydrofarm 2 feet 2This T5 grow light with the part number FLP22 is a two feet two bulb grow light that is made to be resilient, have low heat output but still produce quite strong light output for you to grow any plants under it.

From the beginning if you purchase this light it will come packaged with cardboard and styrofoam to sustain any shipping conditions and arrive safely at your home. Basically what you get is a packaging with the light fixture itself that have two 2 feet 24W T5 bulbs a power cord that is 10 feet (3 meters) length and a daisy chain chord so you will be able to combine up to 12 of these fixtures from one electricity outlet.

Hydrofarm 2 feet 2 bulbclose up shoots

The fixture itself is made from textured steel that is powder coated for maximum protection and durability. The color is somewhat of a brownish but that powder coated finish looks great and it gives the light a feeling of strength and power. There are 3 louvers on both sides of this light to maintain the optimum temperature for those T5 bulbs and to get rid of that head buildup underneath them. At one side there is also the On/Off switch and at one end there is the electricity plug but on the opposite end there is the plug for that daisy chaining option. The whole fixture is held together with 12 screws and can be dismantled easily if you want to do that!

Underneath the fixture where the bulbs go there is a specular aluminum reflector that is made in Germany and will reflect most of the light downward to your growing area increasing the lamp’s total efficiency. Basically both those bulbs have their own bulb-bed where that specular aluminum reflector is bent in the shape of a semicircle shape to again maximize that downward light output.

The bulbs that are inside the fixture from the start are two HO(High Output) 24W T5 grow lights with the color temperature of 6400K and that is a great light for seedling and vegetatively growing plants but can also be used through all the growing phases. These two bulbs each produce about 2000 lumens and together the fixtures light output is about 4000 lumens and if we calculate the lumen per watt efficiency then it is 83.3 lumens/watt (4000 lumens / 48 Watts) so this is indeed one very efficient light-source and it uses only 0.4 Amps so it is fairly low cost!

Hydrofarm 2 feet 2 bulb from all sides

The FLP22 fixture itself has the dimensions of 23.2 inches(59 cm) x 7.5 inches(19 cm) x 2.3 inches(6 cm) so it is not that big but considering that light output this light can be considered a high light output density one. This T5 light can be placed horizontally or vertically and it has included hooks and hangers for you to place it whenever you want as it weighs only 7 pounds(3.1 kg).Those hangers are pre-installed but you can remove them if you need to!

I most certainly can advise you to get this light if you have a smaller growing area with not so many plants as the build quality and bulb life spans are great and the 5 year warranty on the ballasts and 1 year warranty on the craftsmanship and materials ir amazing.


  • The total Amperage of all daisychain fixtures should not exceed 9.36 Amps.

  • This fixture will also work in a chain with jump start 2 feet fixture.

  • Don’t insert regular NO(Normal Output) bulb in this fixture as their lifespan will be greatly reduced in this High output mode.


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