Hydrofarm EnviroGro T5 4 feet 8 bulb fixture review

EviroGro T5 4 feet 8 tube fixtureIf you are searching for an excellent grow lights for big indoors grow operations then the EnviroGro T5 4 feet 8 tube light fixtures will be great for you. EnviroGro is a brand for one of the biggest and oldest grow light manufacturers in the US – Hydrofarm. The lamps of this brand are specially made to save energy but at the same time offer you high lumen output.

So why are they able to do both of these things? That is because even though their lumen output can be up to 40000 lm , they consume only 432 Watts of electricity. So their lumen to watt ratio is around 92.59 lm/W which is great, because you will have to pay less for your energy but you will still get very qualitative and powerful light that can grow many seedlings or a few very large plants and even supply a very big aquarium with perfect grow light.

Another great aspect of this high lumen output, low wattage feature is that these EnviroGro T5 4 feet 8 tube lights don’t produce as much heat. Because of this you will be able to put them closer to your plants than other grow lights and your plants won’t get burned or damaged. And less heat also means that even though you will have to instal some kind of ventilation system, it won’t have to be as powerful or big, because the temperature in your grow room won’t be as high. So in the end you will end up saving not only on lamp electricity but also on your ventilation system costs and also energy consumption.

If you are concerned about when to put your plants under these light or what kind of light this fixture is emitting, don’t be. Basically you can keep your plants under these light all the time! But, because the color temperature of these lights is 6400K which is equivalent to the color temperature of the sun at the middle of the summer, these light are best for growing plants in their vegetative stages or in other words when the leaves and stems are growing the fastest.

If you want to know more about the light spectrum of T5 lights you can visit this post where we explain everything about the color temperatures and why plants need different light.

Getting back to the EviroGro light I also need to mention the light spread as those 8 bulbs give off quite a lot of light but the best part is that is is uniformly divided between all the bulbs and those tubes themselves are glowing evenly not giving you hot spots. This uniform light will give you the added benefit of illuminating all your garden equally and not leaving some plants smaller or weaker.

These lamps are 3 inches high, 26 inches wide and 46 inches long (7.62cm x 66.04cm x 116.84cm) and giving that their interior is made of specular aluminum and their housing is of powder coated steel they wight 31.4 lbs  (14.24 kg). But the great thing is that you are able to hang them in three different ways – overhead, horizontally or vertically, so you have pretty wide range of varieties of how to attach them to your growing space.

Even customers on Amazon are very happy with these lamps:

This is a great little piece that overcome my expectations. My herb garden is happy as can be with these lights and wont stop growin!

Basically with this light you get an amazing quality for the best price.


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