Hydrofarm EnviroGro T5 4 feet 6 bulb fixture review

EviroGro T5 4 feet 6 tube fixtureIf you have medium to big grow operation and you are in search for the best grow lights for it then I suggest you to check out the EnviroGro T5 4 Feat 6 Tube light fixtures. These lamps are produced by a company called Hydrofarm. They are US based firm that is one of the oldest and and the most trusted grow light producers in and outside the US. Specially the EnviroGro brand lights are made to have a high lumen output but at the same time to save the ever so costly energy, so they will be the best option for you.

One of the best features of these lights is that they doesn’t heat up and emit as much heat as different kind if other grow lights do. With these lights you will be able to put them very closely to your plants and they still won’t get burnt as too much heat can damage or even kill your plants. You would think that if these lights doesn’t produce that much heat they aren’t powerful, but that is not the case. Their lumen output is actually up to 30000 lm , but for this high of lumen output they chew up only 324 watts of electricity. So their lumen to watt ratio is about 92.59 lm/W and that is very good compared to other grow lights. So with these lights you will be able to save much more money on electricity as you would if you bought different lamps like the regular CFL bulbs.

The color temperature of EnviroGro T5 4 Feat 6 Tube fixture bulbs is 6400K, which is the same as the color temperature of the sun in the middle of the day. So these lights are best for growing plants that are in their vegetative stages of growth, which is when their leaves and stems are growing the most rapidly.

These fixtures have spectacular aluminum interiors and powder-coated steel housing which means that they are also very durable to any kind of impact. But even though they are made of these quite heavy materials, the fixtures themselves weight 26.3 lbs (11.9 kg) and their dimensions aren’t so bad either. They are 3 inches high, 19.5 inches width and  46 inches long (7.62cm x 49.53cm x 116.84cm). And you are even able to hang them in three different ways – overhead, vertically, or horizontally, so you won’t have to struggle with figuring out how to attach them to your walls if you aren’t able to hang them from your grow room sealing.

Even the customers on Amazon are happy with these lamps:

This product is great for what I was using it for. Very lightweight and efficient. My vegetation grew enormous from bottom to top within a short period of time. A great deal for your money.

The total rating of these lights is 4.6 out of 5 stars.

As for the price. One EnviroGro T5 4 Feat 6 Tube light fixture with 5 year warranty and bulbs that are included in the package will cost you about 170 $


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