Hydrofarm EnviroGro T5 4 feet 4 bulb fixture review

envirogro-4-feet-4-bulb-fixtureIf you are searching for good, energy saving, high lumen output grow lights and you have medium sized plants then the EnviroGro T5 4 Feat 4 Tube light fixture is made just for you.

The EnviroGro brand lamps are made by a company called Hydrofarm. They are one of the best grow light manufacturers in the US not only because they have 35 years of experience, but they also are one of the most trusted grow light production firms all over the world.

Why exactly these EnviroGro T5 lights are best for growing you ask? Because they not only have high lumen output and excellent hanging configurations, but they also emit much less heat than other grow lamps and they consume comparatively very little energy.

The lumen output of these light is 20000 lm that is double the light energy of normal fluorescent systems. But for this high lumen count surprisingly these lights consume only 216 Watts per hour. So their lumen to watt ratio is around 92.6 lm/watt, which is not bad at all, because you are able to save money but still get best possible lighting for your growing operation.

The good thing about these lamps is also that they don’t emit a lot of heat. It means that you will be able to put these lamps very close to your plants and they won’t get burnt and you won’t have to install huge ventilation systems to cool the space where you are growing your plants.

If we are speaking about the color temperature of these lights. It is 6400K and that is equivalent to the sunlight. So with these lights you will be able to successfully grow plants that are in vegetative stage of their growth. In other words these EnviroGro T5 4 Feat 4 Tube lights are best for growing very good and healthy leaves and stems and they can also give added boost to flowers.

These lamps are also pretty convenient, because they are 3 inches high, 13.5 inches wide and 46 inches long (7.62cm x 34.29cm x 116.84cm). And for this size and the materials that are used to make them – their interior is made of aluminium, but housing from powder coated steel – they weigh only 21.1 lbs (9.57kg). You will be able to hang them as you wish and as you need because they have three hanging configurations – overhead, vertical, and horizontal so you won’t need to look out for growing space where you can hang lamps just from the sealing.

This 4 feet 4 bulb fixture is good for seedling growth or long aquariums as you can stack quite a lot of plants under these 4 feet tubes and because you have 4 separate bulbs , they will give much more even spread of light and every part of the plant will be illuminated. For the aquariums that are long and not as wide this fixture is perfect as it will grow your underwater plants and illuminate all the water and the surrounding area!

And finally the price. For this light fixture with bulbs and with 5 year warranty you will have to pay about 130$ that is no very pricey for this kind of quality and reliability.


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