Hydrofarm EnviroGro T5 2 feet 4 bulb fixture review

envirogro-2-feet-4-bulb-fixtureHydrofarm is one of the US biggest and oldest grow light producers and this company also produces the EnviroGro line lamps that are the best ones for growing different plants and are specially designed to save energy but still have high lumen output.  EnviroGro T5 2 feat 4 tube light system is best for growing small to medium sized plants.

Its biggest advantage is that it doesn’t heat up as much as other grow lights. You can put these lamps closer to your plants and they won’t get burned or damaged as it can happen if you put different kind of lamps (HPS , MH) very close to your plants. You can also put a few of these lamps together and they won’t produce that much heat. But these lamps still have high lumen output – up to 8000 lm (their lumen to watt ratio is around 83.3 lm/W), so these lamps still give out very powerful light, in fact they put out double the light energy of normal fluorescent systems.

Another plus side of these EnviroGro T5 2 feat 4 tube lamps is their wattage. They consume only 96 W of power so with these kinds of lamps you are able to save a lot of money but still get high quality light so your energy bills will be much smaller.

The color temperature of the bulbs is 6400K, which is very similar to the daylight sun color temperature, so these light are best for growing plants in the vegetative and seedling stages of their growth. With these lights you will be able to grow healthy and strong leaves and stems and also flowers.

These EnviroGro T5 2 feat 4 tube lamps are 3 inches high 13.5 inches wide and 23 inches long (7.6cm x 34.3cm x 58.4cm), but they weigh only 11.6 lbs (5.26kg) so for their size they are also not very heavy at all giving that their interior is made out of aluminum and they have powder coated steel housing. The lightweight of them also is good for hanging purposes because you are able to hang them in different positions – overhead, vertically or horizontally, so you can not only hang them from your sealing, but also can hang them to your wall. This is a very good feature, because you don’t have to think about where to put your plants for them to actually be under these lights and you have much smaller space limitations.

This EnviroGro line is also good for light penetrations as the light is coming from all the surfaces of the bulb and there are 4 bulbs so those light photons are emitted very evenly and plants receive as much light at the end of the fixture as in the middle. 96 W of power doesn’t give you a lot of light strength but as I mentioned earlier, you can put multiple fixtures in your growing area and illuminate it more effectively.

If you aren’t growing the biggest plants but still want high quality lamps that doesn’t produce very much heat then these EnviroGro T5 2 feat 4 tube lamps are just for you.


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