Hydrofarm EnviroGro T5 2 feet 2 bulb fixture review

EnviroGro T5 2feet 2Tube FixtureEnviroGro T5 lamps are one of the best grow lights on the market. They are made by Hydrofarm, a company that has become the largest  and the best grow light manufacturer in the US with 35 years of experience. Their EnviroGro line is designed as a high lumen output, energy-saving option for growers to use their money, space, and electricity the most effective.

These  2 feet 2 tube lights are best for growing only a few plants, because you can put them very close to your plants and they won’t get burned. They emit much less heat than other lights used in growing plants, so you are able to put a few of these lamps in one place and they will produce around the same heat as one High pressure sodium light. Although their Wattage is only 48 Watts, they are still powerful with lumen output up to 4000 lumens. So their lumen to watt ratio is about 83.3 lm/W which is very good because you get more intense light for smaller electricity usage. And if you use less power, then you will have to pay less money and you electricity bill will be smaller.

Another big advantage of these Hydrofarm’s EnviroGro T5 lamps is that you can chose 3 different hanging configurations – overhead, vertical, or horizontal hanging, so they are easily adjustable to your needs and liking. Because of this you don’t have to struggle with trying to figure out how to hang these lights in different directions that they are meant to be hung.

The materials that are used to make these lamps include aluminum and steel, because their interiors are aluminum and they are powder-coated with steel housing. But that doesn’t mean that they are very weighty. They weigh is only 8.3 lbs which is about 3.7 kilograms. And giving that they are 26 inches long, 9 inches wide and 5 inches high (or 66cm x 23cm x 13cm), that is not heavy at all.

The color temperature of these lights is 6400K which is equivalent to the color temperature of daytime sun. This means that these light and this color temperature is best for growing the plants in the vegetative state or in other words the 6400K light is more beneficial to the green part of the plant – the leaves and stems.

And lastly the price. One EnviroGro T5 2FT 2 Tube Fixture with bulbs costs abound 73 dollars. Which is very cheap for the quality you will get buying these lamps and you will get UL listed ballast with 5 year warranty too.

These T5 light fixtures are also good supplemental light as they can provide a nice side lighting to your plants lower leafs if hang vertically or mounted to the wall.

If you want to light a small grow area or start your seedling then this light is for you and the customers are also happy with it:

It works good in limited space for growing plants indoors. I have 2 small plants under it now. I give it an a+, thinking about buying another one.


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