TOP 7 T5 2 feet 4 bulb fixtures

Standard T5 2 Foot 4 Bulb Fixture

T5 fixtures come in a wide range of configurations from one bulb to 16 bulb fixtures and you can find 2 and 4 feet models but all these different sizes are very confusing to many growers. Because of this we have combined the Top 7 2 feet 4 lamp fixtures that are great for seedling starting as well as growing some larger mature plants or giving supplemental light to your indoor plants.


Top 5 – T5 54 W grow light bulbs

Quantum 54 W grow bulbs

When buying high output T5 lighting whether it is already pre made fixture or self made one you need to buy the best bulbs for these lights to get the best possible light. Some pre made fixtures come with bulbs included into the purchase but there will come a time when you will need to change the bulbs and other pre-made fixtures can be bought without bulbs so here is an article about top 5 4 feet T5 bulbs.